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  1. Happy Birthday Tunechi241!

  2. Happy Birthday Tunechi241!

  3. Happy Birthday Tunechi241!

  4. Nice job ! I really like the ones that have differents logos for each thingy :wub: If you take requests, could you do SCANDAL and/or ORESKABAND (japanese band) ? since you've done BABYMETAL Thanks for your work :)
  5. Is this project dead ? the modded menu would have been cool
  6. Iirc I didn't really had to learn anything, I just followed carefully a tutorial (firekorn's I think) and when you know the steps yourself it goes pretty fast if the sync is already good : less than 10min, even less than 5 if the sync is perfect and if you don't bother with phrases/sections/lyrics thingies (most of the time I just use the ones in the guitar pro tab) and if you don't count the testing/uploading/posting to customsforge part. Envoyé de mon SM-A510F en utilisant Tapatalk
  7. Is it possible to create a tab by pluging the instrument (guitar/bass) to the pc (Or using the mic) so it recognizes the notes played and when (for tempo and shit) I know there's an option to plug my bass with guitar pro7 but I can't go further than that Envoyé de mon SM-A510F en utilisant Tapatalk
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