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  1. It's hard to know exactly where the problem is. There isn't much information in that screenshot. You could always try re-doing the Wwise part of the process. Do you definitely have the 2013 version of Wwise? If you used the link to Wwise from description of the video that you linked to, then you may have downloaded a later version that isn't supported in the toolkit. I have seen this part so I'm not ignoring it, but I don't know on whose recommendation that you meant. Make sure it's the version linked on CustomsForge. For convenience I'll link it here also. I too had an issue regarding an incorrect WWise version when I first started making CDLC (probably because I used the same video haha). Hope this helped.
  2. I hear this friedpossum dude is a great creator that has (not too crazy) songs with Dynamic Difficulty. You should check him out. But I suppose it depends on what you are into...
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