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  1. Thanks a lot these two information the first one explain why I suddently became a master (lol) :D
  2. brood34


    Hi, I don't knwo if this is the same issue, but I have notice that after starting rocksmith, if I go directly to the list of song, scroll the list select one it randomly freeze/crash.But when I let time for r ocksmith to update the "downloadable files", it does not happen .... So now, I always give time to finalise its internet update before I select a new song
  3. Hello, I have faced one issue several time during the last months, and I wonder if someone else also face it. I am running Rocksmith Remastered for a while and everything was working fine. But one day, one CDLC stops working, it did freeze rocksmith on the list of song when the cursor was on it (I mean, even before I press Enter to select it). The first time (few months ahead, I thought my CDLC had been damadged, and I reload the file from the site and repalce it, but the result was the same. Now, I face the issue with more than 5 CDLD, and it really seems to be random. I suppose it has something to do with the progress record file but I could not manage it. (I am running on PC version.) By the way, since I move to remastered version, I suddenlty get almost 100% success on all my plays, did you also get such strage results ? Thanks for your feedback.
  4. Thanks a lot for this VERY USEFUL tool. It is great to have possibility to work on the tabs in // with Rocksmith. Once again, we will never say it enought : THANKS FOR THE JOB !!! By the way, I have seen some question about list of option for the produced file names : here is what I have found : {artist} - {title} - {album} - {year} - {archive} - {version} ==> Adding field in file name help to avoid missing charts (2 DLC on the same song will be kept with this details, while you will get only one with a simplified filename such as {artist} - {title}
  5. Hi, I have found what happen (at least for me) I don't know how it happen, but the D3DX9_42.dll had disappeared from the Rocksmith directory. I have jsut reinstalled it and everything goes fine know. Hope it can help .
  6. I have the same issue as Sillien, but is seems to be on any single CDLC. I have removed all of them, and when I place any single on in th dlc directory its does freeze when I want to play it. I tried it with several that I know I played recently. Does anybody have any suggestion for investigation ? Thanks in advance.
  7. For me it would be nice to have a kind of segragation between CDLD that are ("let say") "work in progress" vs thoose that are finalised. The "work in progress area" beeing the location where people could request for advises but also where "users" can give prelimiray (awaited) feedback and advises from the tests they have made (base on their valuable experience), which is always a welcome to learn and improve the CDCL But of course, it raise the question about the judgment, for instance for one particular song some might not be satisfied with the version use for the "tabs and chords position" while others might be ! In this case, who can say "it is approved" and who can say "it shall not be approved (as I disagree with the tabs)". There is one point I do converge with other comments here above is about the scope that shall be covered before beeing approved. ==> I also think that a CDLC could be approved even is limited to one instrument, as long as when playing only this instrument in the game will look like playing any official CDLC (in terms of options and quality), the approval tag could then be made instrument per instrument. To make the topic progress, I do vote yes.
  8. Thanks for doing this song, it a real must have. I have the RS2012 dat file for Zombie (from smithy), it does have bass & guitar. Let me know if you want it or not.
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