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  1. Happy Birthday Tykenolm!

  2. Happy Birthday Tykenolm!

  3. Vocals: Mike Patton Lead Guitar: John Petrucci Rhythm Guitar: Richard Henshall Bassist: John Myung Drummer: Mike Portnoy
  4. Try it. The worst that will happen is they'll put a copyright claim on you and your video will go down, you won't get a strike. That happened to me when I uploaded my playthrough of No Surprises by Radiohead, just try it, most likely it will get claimed and all that really does it make it so the record company/label gets all the ad revenue from your video.
  5. That's what I figured, I was just kinda worried that switching from a bass to a guitar will make my shifting worse, but I don't know I see quite a few people play both, so I guess I'll just stick with both for now :)
  6. I am playing mainly guitar, and that's what I want to learn, but I also have a nice bass and I want to use that sometimes, so I'm wondering, will playing the bass make it harder for me to play guitar? Like in terms of shifting and techniques will it screw me up?
  7. I've tried for days now to record this game using Shadowplay or OBS, Shadowplay picks up the video and my camera, but there's no audio, and OBS crashes and I can't view the video. Anybody know how I can record using either software? I have tried turning audio exclusivity off, but then the game won't pick up my headphones (Plantronics Gamecom 780) I figured it out, when I used my headphones that plug into the headphone jack I could turn exclusivity off and it would still detect my headphones, I guess it just doesn't work with USB headphones.
  8. It was, thank you. I was going to post a picture but I forgot to link the imgur lol
  9. I switch between John Petrucci's pick and the Jazz III's, and JP's pick tends to be a little slippery, but I solve that by having a towel and wiping my fingers off every once in a while to keep them dry. My pick does slip a lot though, and I think holding it a little looser helps a bit too, but that's all my opinion, it's what works for me.
  10. I haven't played this game before and I come across these chords but the "finger spots" (I'm not sure what to call them) are hollow, opposed to filled in as you would see on like an open chord such as E major, anybody know why this is? Rocksmith 2014 never really taught me all the notation and stuff so I'm a bit confused.
  11. How do you download so many? It would take forever to download 7000 of them wouldn't it?
  12. I see some streamers taking song requests and they pretty much always have the song that was requested, did they go and individually download every song or am I missing something here? (No they were not official dlc songs)
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