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  1. Would love to see the following! .38 Special - If I'd Been the One The Outfield - Say It Isn't So
  2. So... I simply started over once again, but this time around I saved the file with a new filename ("v2" instead of "v1"). It began working as I expected. What's odd is that I didn't get rid of the v1 file... I'm not sure if creating a second file was really related, but I have it where I want it I think so ... yay.
  3. I'm sure this is a FAQ that I'm overlooking, so feel free to link me in the right direction.. I'm attempting to adjust the tone volume on a few songs, where the guitar is coming out much louder than the song. I'm able to load an existing .psarc file without issue, but any attempts to adjust either the song volume from the main screen, or the tone volume on any individual tone seems to be making no different once I 'Generate' and save over my previous copy. It is almost like the game has somehow cached my previous version and doesn't register that a new one is there (I do restart the game b
  4. Possibly, but what if an author doesn't follow this? Then you are still stuck checking manually :) I was thinking more along the lines of having the search site maintain a "github"-like song version database. Each user would downlad a copy of this 'database' (it might just be a text file) which would have all the songs and their current version. You could run a simple tool to compare your text file with the online database to see what has been updated since your last update, go grab updates for the songs you care about, then update to the latest online snapshot. Obviously, this isn't a full
  5. I notice that CDLCs are getting updates all the time, and the authors are usually pretty good about listing some manner of 'v1.0' type tags. However, that versioning isn't always built into the filename, and even for those that do so it is a very manual process of cross-checking that you have the latest and greatest. Any tips or obvious things I'm missing on keeping things at the bleeding edge?
  6. I came for the Evanesence, but then saw you had Dick Dale! DICK DALE! Any surf-style stuff you have waiting in the wings is more than welcome. Thanks for these!
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