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  1. ok, thank you ! Edit: If it can help somebody, we must convert the slide to Unpitched in the menu Note/Pro Guitar/Slide
  2. Thank you for your answer. Do you know what end fret I must set for a slide to nowhere?
  3. Hello, I have an error with a slide to nowhere. Does somebody know how to do this in EOF? Thank you
  4. The lyrics are inside a guitar pro tab and are sync to the guitar notes and measures. I've tried to copy/paste the lyrics from a new instance of EOF, and it works perfectly... but you're right, it's easier to fix the mistakes directly inside EOF. I'll do it this way :) Thank you for your help
  5. Hello, When i try to import lyrics from a midi file in EOF, the lyrics are not placed on the beat. To avoid this problem in EOF, i must set the tempo with the same tempo as in the guitar pro file which was used to create the midi file. After that i import the notes with the gp5 file, and only after i can synchronise the tab to the music. My problem is that if i want to modify the lyrics and import it again in EOF after the synchronisation, the lyrics aren't automaticly placed on the beat. Does anybody know how to import lyrics from midi file after having synchronised the tab to the music? thanks for your help
  6. Hello, i have the same problem with kaspersky internet security with the false positive. Is it already submitted to kaspersky to fix it?
  7. Hello,I've downloaded the CDLD Guano Apes "Never Born", but it doesn't work.When the song start, i have the music and the notes but the sound from the guitar shut down. I must restart Rocksmith to have sound from the guitar again. I've tried with different D3DX9_42.dll but nothing changes.With other CDLD i don't have this problem.When i've tried to make a CDLC recently i had the same problem. Does someone has any solution to fix this problem?Thanks
  8. I downloaded I'm Only Happy When It Rains, but it seemed to work fine for me. A couple things you might try. A lot of the song are written for lead, rhythm & bass. If you are not seeing any notes like the first two measures of this song it is because only the rhythm is being played. Press you control key (ctrl) on your keyboard to change between lead & rhythm. With the notes appearing & disappearing might have to do with master mode. While you are in the game press your space bar to get into 'Tools' then select 'Options' then 'Play Settings' go to 'Master Mode' and make sure it is set to off. (Uncheck the box) Sorry I can't help with the patcher file. I don't get any error message. You might try deleting the patcher file and just use the D3DX9_42.dll file. Hello I've unchecked the master mode and the notes don't disappear. For the song I'm only happy when it rains everything's ok. I thought it was due to the same thing than the notes which disappear. Thanks a lot for your help!
  9. Hello,Some CDLCs work fine, but with some others when i play a song sometimes the notes disappear and appear without a reason, sometimes the same song work perfectly. With some CDLCs the song starts but no note appears. (for example: Garbage - I'm Only Happy When It Rains)I have tried to change the D3DX9_42.dll with the 2 versions given in the PC Alternative 1 but nothing changes.With the patch in the PC Alternative 2, when i start the rocksmith i have an error message which says "check if steam is loading" (probably not the exact message because of the translation). Rocksmith starts anyway, but the language is in english instead of french and i have neither my user account nor my savegame, nor the CDLC.Please note that it's written to launch the executable "Rocksmith_custom.exe" but the file given is "Rocksmith2014_patcher.exe"If it can help i have Windows 7x64 and a legit french version of Rocksmith 2014 and Cherub Rock DLCIs there somebody here who can help me to fix the proble with some CDLDs?Thanks !PS: sorry for my bad english
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