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  1. Record - MC Hammer - Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em Gig - Terrorvision supported by Feeder
  2. Hey all I am currently modifying my old Epiphone SG G310. I have brought new pickups, switch, pots etc and now want to change the control knobs for some chrome speed ones. At the moment all I can find are ones for fender or ibanez. As I have never owned either of these makes, can anyone tell me if the knobs fit a split shaft or they just the single shaft config? (have already ordered the pots so will have to be split shift)
  3. I played guitar for a few years when I was younger and really wasn't any good - my mate and I started a band and because he was the better guitarist I started to play bass. While at first I found it really hard i did get that feel and when playing with my drummer we got really tight. Now even with hours of Rocksmith on guitar I still don't feel that comfortable as I do on bass. Maybe cos I am a big guy so its easier to play four thick strings but for me bass is more about feeling the rhythm and transmitting it through your instrument than say the guitar. I feel part of the song more when playing bass - guitar I feel like I am just trying to play along with someone else.
  4. I also have a Epiphone Thunderbird which is built like a tank, have gigged with it loads and didnt even have a case for it (bad I know). Not even a ding or a scratch on it :) I got round the nosediving by hanging it from the neck plate like the Epiphone SG guitars are. Just got the screw really cheap from ebay.
  5. Should I get that telecaster blacktop? hmmm

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