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  1. np, actually that exact message comes from the denuvo code itself, and also being a simple messagebox with just the ok button, the wording is a bit generic i'll definitely give you that, but its not from the game code itself (as there is no language transition for it) :) and i've also heard it does happen on umm less legitimate versions, so all cool, i really do own it legit (its a kind of must have especially when dealing with updates and such), the thing that gets me more angry is how this somehow slipped through denuvo and square enix' qa testing (i cant be the only person in the world using the steam beta clients).. also happened to me on hitman update (2 days ago or so), where hitman simply wouldnt load (it loaded fine before), it didnt do the messagebox, it just silently exited... so i fixed that today too :).. the messagebox in rs 2014 remastered though is only present in the denuvo x86, which (as far as i can tell) unfortunately rs 2014 remastered was the first to use
  2. lol.. RS DOES use denuvo, the x86 variant, so you are TOTALLY incorrect there, and i DO own the game (and cherub rock for that matter), so how about not making (incorrect) assumptions eh ? and as a matter of fact it has used denuvo since the release of remastered even sort of mentioned on the ubi forums -> http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1502747-Rocksmith-2014-Remastered-Known-Issues scroll down about 3/4 or look for 'codefusion.technology' - codefusion.technology is a domain owned by denuvo.. and the code has tell tale signs of denuvo if you know what to look for along with the heavy vmprotect usage
  3. comes up with the 'unable to initialize steam api' denuvo crap for me, 2 in a row now, hitman doesnt run for me anymore and now rocksmith 2014 remastered, trying verifying cache atm .. will report back, the dll didnt use hard coded addresses for the patch area, so unless ubisoft changed the signature check significantly it'll still work, however this denuvo crap means i cant even make a working dump to find the pattern.. grrrr edit file integrity - all good, so thats not the problem renamed the d3dx9_42.dll to rule it out as being the problem - same shit "unable to intiialize steam api" ran older backup rocksmith2014.exe - same shit "unable to initialize steam api" i am online, and other steam games work fine... so the problem clearly is with the denuvo code (perhaps their servers are down or something or they have a huge bug).. will keep trying but for now my hands are tied a bit... the 'unable to initialize steam api' is the denuvo generic error message... so it doesnt help much edit (final update) OPT OUT OF THE STEAM CLIENT BETA IF YOU ARE USING IT - THIS IS THE SOURCE OF THE 'unable to initalize steam api' denuvo dialogbox... then all works fine (including hitman)... cdlc worked using the dll, so no change required... yay
  4. sounds like the right procedure.. ok mac or windows ? and are you sure its the right folder (select game in steam, right click, select properties, click the 'local files' tab, then click the 'browse local files' button, and check the dll is still there, and named right
  5. to save the output you might want to set the screen buffer line size to the max (9999), still not perfect though, and since running this when i run cmd the bloody window opens up with green text... regardless though, it went through all my cdlc.. and fixed some so cheers
  6. bug report - tried to pipe its output to a file... D:\RockSmith.ToolKit>remastered > remastered.log Unhandled Exception: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: The value must be less 0 in that dimension. Note that this value depends on screen resolution and the c Parameter name: width Actual value was 80. at System.Console.SetWindowSize(Int32 width, Int32 height) at remastered.Program.Main(String[] args) in C:\projects\rocksmith-custom-son s:line 17 D:\RockSmith.ToolKit>
  7. @@MAGGERS - could you try grabbing the latest dll / injector, and use it, if you have an anti virus disable it temporarially or add the rocksmith folder to the exclusion, and pick a cdlc we know works.. like say some of the most popular ones (the genre doesnt matter...) and see what happens?
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