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  1. Happy Birthday Brutus Erectus!

  2. Happy Birthday Brutus Erectus!

  3. Happy Birthday Brutus Erectus!

  4. Happy Birthday Brutus Erectus!

  5. Thanks for your help, @@raynebc! One last question: are there other places than Songsterr you can get tabs with .gp3, .gp4 and .gp5 - files?
  6. 1. The tones won't change. the in-menu lead guitar tone (tone slot 1) get swapped out with the base tone at the start of the song, but that's it, the wah-wah and distortion never kicks in. I've followed this tutorial and done exactly like him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtAzj3618wk 2. how do I place these in EoF?: pinched harmonics, vibrato sustains, hammer on and pull offs?
  7. Yes I think so. the folder VTRoot and HarddiskVolume3 are both hidden folders. In addition to files from EoF they contain system files and folders like System32 and other important things that i don't dare touching. http://i1175.photobucket.com/albums/r632/Amund_Filseth/Hidden%20folders_zpsysegbkad.png
  8. I have enabled the save Rocksmith 2, but the audio preview is nowhere to be found. it should be in the folder to the left Edit:Found everything in a folder called HarddiskVolume3
  9. This is probably a noob problem (I am a noob tho. this is my first go at CDLC-making). When I save anything in EoF it does not appear in my "normal" folder (see pic) and vica versa. This isn't right, is it? Also when I make a audio preview it doesn't show up in either. Please help! I am eager to expand the CDLC-libary with quality CDLC's. http://i1175.photobucket.com/albums/r632/Amund_Filseth/EoF%20problems_zpsuly9fwiq.png
  10. Happy Birthday Brutus Erectus!

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