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  1. nph

    CDLC Requests!

    Life Eternal by Mayhem
  2. nph

    CDLC Requests!

    Maaneskyggens slave by Gorgoroth. I'd be more than happy to send the author a tip on Paypal if it's really well done (note placement spot on throughout the song) with a nice tone.
  3. I appreciate your detailed response. >large queries that is slowing down the server Those can't be simple lookups for the forum/ignition, can they? >DDoS and scrapers that cause heavy load on the website You should look into putting the entire domain behind CloudFlare's reverse proxy. Even their free tier could be very beneficial.
  4. At the risk of sounding like an asshole (sorry in advance), one would think that you could easily run a web server as well as the database for the forum and ignition on a VM for 10 bucks a month (20 if I'm to be generous and include some extra storage for backups and whatnot). There are hardly thousands upon thousands of concurrent users and neither do you store any CDLCs yourselves. The donation goal is 900 (!!!) a month and still there are performance problems that originate who knows where. I'm really puzzled by the situation. Sorry again and thanks for the service despite the recent issues
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