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  1. Hi Does it happen with all cdlc you try or just some specific songs? If it's just some, could you provide a link to any such cdlc.
  2. There's a version: https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/1265
  3. Does this happen with a clean install as well, or only after you have patched the game?
  4. Patch should be applied only once, and it does look like it worked initially. I don't know if it messes something up if done multiple times, but it might. To be safe, maybe do a clean install (or rather 'verify integreity of of game files' from steam, which effectively should download all modified files without reinstalling everything) and apply the patch once again. "I uninstalled Rocksmith, reinstalled and patched. No luck." -> What happens? Do cdlc show up in the game? Original Cherub rock bought and showing up and is playable?
  5. Hello. It sounds like the patch to play cdlc is missing. Have you tried (re)installing it as described here: If some cdlc are running fine (directly downloaded as mac versions), but only the ones that are converted with my tool are not, please upload some example songs to e.g. google drive so I can take a look what might be wrong with them (original and the converted file).
  6. Tried the Travis song. The note detection was quite terrible for me too (lead guitar). I kept missing even basic power chords every now and then. To me it looks like that especially the strumming parts are not charted 100% on time. I cannot say for sure, but I still believe it's something to do with the cdlc itself, not the conversion process. What it comes to riff repeater, I've found it to me much more forgiving than score attack in generally. That being said, the best I managed (when focusing on what I saw on the screen, not what I heard) I still couldn't get 100%, but 99.09.
  7. Anything is possible, but I highly doubt it. The conversion process doesn't touch the actual note data in any way, it just unpacks the song to bunch of files, does some string replacements and then packs it up again. It's very simple. I can try the Travis song and let you know if I notice anything, but I suspect it's just how the CDLCs are in generally.
  8. Awesome! Thank you for helping me test it! I never knew it had issues on Big Sur before this.
  9. New test release available. As I don't have Big Sur, it's kind of a blind fix but let's see if it does anything: https://github.com/glebb/rocksmithconvert/releases/download/2.0.0-alpha5/Rocksmith.2014.CDLC.convert.pc.mac.2.0.0-alpha5.zip
  10. Aha, it seems like there might a problem with the PyQt5 library and Big Sur. My macs are so old that they don't even run Big Sur so I haven't been able to test it with it. There seems to be some workarounds. Stay tuned for update
  11. Interesting, thanks for this. I didn't explain myself properly earlier, but that icon right next to the platypus one (on right) is the second icon I was asking about (with the text exec on the icon), and those processes "RSConvert_GUI" are both related to that (that's the actual program running two processes). 99.9% seems a bit excessive though, yes I think I need to compile a debug version to get some more specific data on what's going on. It clearly goes into some sort of infinite loop hogging all the cpu, and if it doesn't even show the GUI it's probably related to the GUI framework. What osx version are you running by the way? One thing you could try to do is to run the RSConvert_GUI from terminal. In order to do this, you should open the terminal to the folder where the app is located and then: cd "Rocksmith 2014 CDLC convert pc mac.app/Contents/Resources" ./RSConvert_GUI That should keep the terminal window open and if we are lucky, it might print out some additional information about what's going on. Anyways, even without that you have already provided me some very useful information. Thanks again! I hope I can make this work, as I personally really like this new version much better than the earlier one.
  12. All help is appreciated, thank you! First of all, can you see whether 2.0 opens anything on the osx dock? It should pop up two icons/apps there, the one with platypus on yellow background (same as version 1.1, Rocksmtih 2014 CDLC convert pc mac) and then the actual GUI which on my system looks like a terminal window with green "exec" text in it (RSConvert_GUI). These should also show in system monitor.
  13. I pushed a new release (2.0.0-alpha4 - 03/20/21). It's a test version which tries to address the GUI not showing up, but so far I haven't been able to reproduce the problem myself so there's no guarantees for the fix. I'd appreciate if you test it out and report back whether it works or not. The version 1.1 is still the latest stable version, you can always use that. You can download it from the github releases page.
  14. You can allow osx run the app by clicking the apple icon from the top left of the screen, selecting System Preferences / Security & Privacy / General and at the bottom of that dialog it should have a notification that conversion app has been blocked. You can allow to run it from there. This is only needed when running the app for the first time.
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