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  1. Hi. I created a package with osx 10.12. You can download it from the same place, it's the new version 1.03. Hope it works for you!
  2. Yeah, this explains it. The Python I've bundled with the app is referencing some library which was build for 10.13 osx. I'm pretty confident that if someone could build the app using 10.12 (or even earlier osx) it would work just fine, even with later osxes. For now, it looks like 10.13 is the minimum requirement. I'll update the readme.
  3. Ah, I didn't see your earlier post. It's probably because of the osx version, 10.12. is not receiving much support anymore in any regards I think it should run if it was build on that osx version, or at least we could then figure out more easily why it doesn't work. Unfortunately I don't have access to that version of osx myself. Does the details window show any error messages when you try the convert?
  4. Hey. Can you provide some more information. What happens when you try to run it? Does it give any error message? What version of OSX are you running? Were you able to download the zip? I know google drive is sometimes too helpful and opens the zip for you and then it probably shows you just a folder called "Content" or something. You don't want to download that, but the .zip itself. So far it has worked pretty much for everyone, but I know the downloading has caused some problems earlier. Hopefully we can make it work for you too!
  5. If you are looking to just convert pc cdlc to mac (or vice versa) easily (on osx), you can give this tool a try: https://github.com/glebb/rocksmithconvert There's a download link there at the bottom of the github page. It's not extensively tested so all feedback (and contributions to the code) are welcome. Basically it's just a simple app you can drag & drop files to and it automatically converts them and places them under a folder in the same directory where the original file was. Please let me know if it works (or doesn't work) for you. It's using code from pyrocksm
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