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  1. OK forget it, it was a problem with the direct access icon
  2. I remade the bass arrangement of my old custom "Santana - Europa" and when I want to create the psarc file I get this error: http://i66.tinypic.com/27y525s.jpg Any idea on what to do?
  3. I don't know if the version you have is LaceyB's or mine but I'd advise you not to upload songs you haven't created yourself.
  4. Just for your information I posted more than 30 songs in Smithy Anvil. I never asked a penny for any of my customs and people can download them for free. If it bothers that much to wait 15 seconds for the advertisements in my blog, when I've spent days making the customs, then don't download them. As far as I know I didn't break any forum rule since the CDLC I posted has a direct download link. I just posted the list of the customs I have in MY BLOG, and because it's mine I can do whatever I want. I've been tempted to port all of them to this comunity several times, but it's because of p
  5. Hi there, This is the list of CDLC I've made so far. I may end up posting them all here, but for now you can find them in my blog: Shocking Blue - Send me a postcardSantana - EuropaSantana - Maria MariaM-Clan - CarolinaRoy Orbison - Pretty WomanThe Beatles - Hey Jude (needs to be redone)Toto - Hold The LineExtremo Duro - Jesucristo GarciaThe Calling - Wherever You Will GoBob Dylan - Hurricane (needs to be redone)Avicii - LevelsGuano Apes - Big in JapanVelvet Revolver - Fall to piecesPlatero y Tú - El roce de tu cuerpoLos Suaves - Dolores se llamaba LolaU2 - Sunday Bloody SundaySantana -
  6. Do you guys realise discussions like this one may be the reason some of the charters of this songs you miss are reluctant to post again the customs they did? Just think about it. Even if a custom charter's work is based on someone else's tab of someone else's song, it doesn't mean he/she didn't invest a lot of his/her free time to make something other people can enjoy. And don't forget charters are sharing their customs with all the people FOR FREE. I think you should spread the red carpet for them instead of tripping them up because it's easier to keep a custom for you and your friends than
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