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  1. Coldplay- Daddy, Coldplay - Church, Coldplay - Sunrise, Coldplay - Arebesque Pls Lead or Rhytm coldplay church tabs : https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/coldplay/church-tabs-2930000 coldplay daddy tabs: https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/coldplay/daddy-tabs-3058738
  2. How can I filter by years? I can't see filter category by years @Unleashed2k
  3. Hi, if can possible creaters can you add genre and year adverb on CDLC download list I think if can be possible thats can be perfact. appearance of years and categories on CDLC download list can be realy good. Im just thinking like this I think it can be done while the site is renewed
  4. Pls make whatever it takes lead
  5. Imagine Dragons- Whatever it takes
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