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  1. @viper83Thank you very much for all your dedicated time to Clapton and Cream songs ! These are a wonderful Christmas gift to me As I have seen you are into Mark Knopfler lately (and thank you very much too as I love him too.. I was on his "last" live concert in Paris !), I have another last request for you. Would it be possible that you do Speedway of Nazareth, please ? This song is such a jewel from M. Knopfler! It would be awesome ! So far, I have found only this tab with chords (best version of the 2 available on ultimate guitar) : https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/mark-knopfler/speedway-at-nazareth-chords-847037 or Songster (still with only chords) : https://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/mark-knopfler-speedway-at-nazareth-chords-s216916
  2. You are awesome, these are my Christmas gifts ! I am very thanksful because I hope since years to see Let It Grow song to be there ! I thank you twice because I don't know all the Clapton songs and you provided Tulsa Time, another nice one that I did not know. I am going to have a really nice time to play them Regarding After Midnight, here are a few tabs that I found out, let me know if it matches or not : https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/eric-clapton/after-midnight-tabs-1713963 https://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/eric-clapton-after-midnight-tab-s34346t0 Thank you very much for your awesome work @viper1983 !
  3. Hi everyone! I would like to see more Eric Clapton songs than the ones that are already there. Indeed, I am surprised that there are not so many songs from the legendary guitar God. A few examples : - One of my alltime favorite song from Clapton is "Let It Grow" from the album "461 Ocean Boulevard" https://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/eric-clapton-let-it-grow-tab-s5127t0 - the song : "I Can't Stand It" - the song : "Promises" https://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/eric-clapton-promises-tab-s34317t0 - His version of "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" - "After Midnight" https://www.songsterr.com/a/wsa/eric-clapton-promises-tab-s34317t0
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