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  1. My hard disk died 2 months ago and I didnt create any backup. I wont be making any cdlc until I got a new pc, but that'll take a while. Regards to our fellow charters, keep on creating new cdlc.

  2. Happy Birthday d318!

  3. Happy Birthday d318!

  4. Happy Birthday d318!

  5. Happy Birthday d318!

  6. Happy Birthday d318!

  7. A question/suggestion, is it possible to turn a unison bend from chord to notes? There is a problem with detection in-game, it works fine with normal bend or release bend but problem with prebend (normal string registered correctly but bend-ed string misses in every chord). The only way to overcome this is by editing the xml but most of the time produce error with toolkit or ddc.
  8. Thanks for the head-ups, finally got it working. I'll put it here for reference. Authored notes: <note time="59.170" linkNext="0" accent="0" bend="0" fret="5" hammerOn="0" harmonic="0" hopo="0" ignore="0" leftHand="1" mute="0" palmMute="0" pluck="-1" pullOff="0" slap="-1" slideTo="-1" string="1" sustain="0.000" tremolo="0" harmonicPinch="0" pickDirection="0" rightHand="-1" slideUnpitchTo="-1" tap="0" vibrato="0"/><note time="59.354" linkNext="0" accent="0" bend="0" fret="7" hammerOn="0" harmonic="0" hopo="0" ignore="0" leftHand="3" mute="0" palmMute="0" pluck="-1" pullOff="0" slap
  9. Just asking if it is possible to do a single note handshape for a series of notes (in which if combined will turn to a powerchord). It's like an arpeggio but with white highway sidelines instead of blue/purple, usually used in bass arrangement in some official songs: http://i.imgur.com/lCKEWZR.jpg Tried editing the xml file but no luck. No handshape appears on normal notes, and black notes (Crazy) gives off purple sidelines, same as arpeggio. Tech note also didnt work (tried using ghost & ignore).
  10. You should update the links for other songs too, I've tagged them with the band name (those tags arent working though).
  11. Thank you so much for posting Green Day :)

    1. holdenaccio


      ps Can you upload 21th century breakdown?


    2. d318


      Actually before this on SA there are few people working on, but now it's all silent. Nvm, I'll look into this after finish updating the rests of dookie. Hope you can wait.

    3. holdenaccio


      Thanks a lot man, good work :)

  12. Sorry for being late, but I'm gonna take a look into eof and update those dookie songs, and it will take a while. Hopefully I can finish as early as possible.
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