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  1. Happy Birthday Lhun!

  2. Happy Birthday Lhun!

  3. I play a 5 string and a 4 string. One thing to note is that the realtone cable itself can't detect a true bass low B cleanly - it can however detect almost all the notes below an open low B. 5 string songs can easily be done by changing the cdlc to rhythm/lead, for starters. Simply put a note on the song that this is a 5 string bass track, played in guitar mode. The other thing you can do is have the player tune up their B string to d or c which IS detectable. Then track it that way with a custom tuning. Often 5 string songs won't make use of all 5 strings, they just want the low B. Keep in mind that there are no notes that you can't make with a 4 string bass with a 5 string, just that they're several semitones or whole octaves below. Also, unless the song has open B riffs (or lots of notes on the g string) you can often get away with 4 string BEAD tuning - as most songs utilizing a 5 string don't touch the g string. Finally, I like to keep my 5 string tuned ADGCF so I feel your pain.
  4. He probably means the folders that it makes and the hundreds of megabytes of crap that it wants to throw into them by default. Exactly this. And the huge list of complicated parameters you need to literally convert from one format to another.
  5. So we all know that Wwise is a massive pig for such a small task of converting a file, so I did some digging. A team that does modding for other games has created a tool that encodes wav to wwise. http://forums.lastbullet.net/showthread.php?tid=101 I have yet to try it, but it does seem to output wwise files. The issue is whether or not it uses the correct sound output formats. But, this does mean that it's possible to export to/from wwise. If it was possible to build this into EOF or RSToolkit, it would save a ton of trouble and bloat for a lot of people. and essentially skip a step, because it's very easy to convert from mp3/whatever to ogg.
  6. 4-6 hours a day every day, more on the weekends. Warmup with scales, then just play everything and anything. If I find something I'm failing at, rif repeat or a guitarcade challenge that uses that skill. I suck at root/octave fingered bass string skipping at the moment and need to figure that out. My descending rakes are also pretty weak.
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