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    Epiphone LP 100, Ibanez RG170DX, Ibanez ASV10A
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    The Hellacopters
    Dark Tranquillity
    Brownsville Station
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  1. I second the Roky Erickson request on the previous page! Also some Aeternam would be nice. I saw one song and would like some more. Lastly, if anyone cares, some Brownsville Station would be fun as hell!
  2. Good evening! I'd like to see anything by Aether Realm. Especially the album Tarot has some insanely tasty riffs!
  3. Backyard Babies X2 Iron Maiden The Haunted X3 Pain of Salvation X5 Dark Tranquillity X2 Guns N' Roses (2005) Mastodon Metallica My Dying Bride Dragonforce The Hellacopters X3 Imperial State Electric X4 Bombus Crazy Lixx Bonafide Dead Lord Coheed and Cambria Alter Bridge Johnny Winter Monster Truck Loudness Foreigner Graveyard X2 The Datsuns Leprous Devin Townshend Opeth Amorphis At the Gates Scar Symmetry Poem The Ocean Rammstein KISS Free Fall Aerosmith Steel Panther Glenn Hughes I'd love to see some of them again like Leprous and the re-union of GnR with Slash. I'm still missing some of my favorites like: Ghost Soilwork Joe Bonamassa Be'lakor Grand Magus Insomnium Persefone Wretched TYR Accept Voyager Mors Principium Est and more...
  4. Supershitty to the max!

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