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  1. Thanks for letting me know. Appreciate it.
  2. What happened to the DD vs non-DD heading in the search fields?
  3. Prior to this latest major update, when new songs were added to IgnitionSearch, they showed in bold type until viewed/read. Has this feature gone away or is it just that I don't know how to get it back?
  4. I suppose I am missing something, but since the update after I review new posts they still show with unread (bold) status. I checked my filter options but don't seem to see how to change this. I use Chrome.
  5. For the last two weeks when I use the CDLC Search page uploads are still showing as "bold" type face (unread) even after I have read and scrolled through them. Anyone else experiencing this, or do I have a local issue?
  6. Perfect. I was not a frequent visitor to RiffRepeater. Now I am!!
  7. Trying to find new DLC on the Steam site has always been a mysterious process for me. So, I thought relying on the filters in CDLC would be a welcome shortcut. But, now I realize that that CDLC Ignition is not updated for new official DLCs on a regular or reliable basis. Is that something that could be improved/fixed? Thanks much.
  8. Never mind. I found the beta version of the song manager and am running that, resetting and remastering all of my CDLCs. Thanks
  9. Just to add to this, I did try to simply change the file name within the toolkit from "v1" to "v2" but got got error messages regarding missing album art and fields not completed. I tried to find a more detailed description of "step 3", but everywhere I have looked it simply states "increment the version number" without specifically saying how that is done.
  10. I apologize in advance if this is a "DOH" question. I am attempting to fix the 100% bug and do not understand step 3, "change the CDLC version number. And then I would imagine step 4 might be a problem too, once I get past step 3. Sorry again, but this is my first real attempt at using the Custom Toolkit and just want to get rid of those 100% completed issues.
  11. How can we see new submissions or updates on CDLC? Everything has changed and I am no longer sure how to navigate?
  12. Thanks. Do you recall any detailed posts or help files on this topic? Would I find it in the Toolkit guide?
  13. I am very interested in adding DD and then difficulty levels to DLCs that currently do not have them. I added DD to a song that did not have it, but, of course, it shows with DD, but only one difficulty level. I tried to follow the steps in the help file associated with the DDC in the Toolkit, but it was not clear to me on how to actually add the difficulty levels to a file that now has DD. Is there something pinned somewhere that goes into more detail on how to do this? Sorry, but I searched and couldn't find what I was looking for.
  14. Just wanted to say that "bold" finally started showing for me when I bring up Ignition. I use Chrome and for a while I could not figure out what I had previously viewed or not. Now when I bring up Ignition new listings since my last search are clearly shown in bold. This feature is extremely helpful. Now if we could see in advance of downloading how many difficulty levels are in a song.
  15. kennyh42


    I believe this was taken up as a possibility for an update, but don't know where it ended up. I also posted a similar message. I typically only download songs with DD and multiple difficulty levels. The old search tool showed the difficulty levels and I always thought this was very helpful. I normally would not download a song that had only one difficulty level. I am a relative beginner.
  16. Sure would be nice to know how many levels there are in a DD download. Some DDs have only one level and I wouldn't take the time to download it.
  17. Congratulations on your anniversary and all the hard work you've put in. It's an amazing site. The site and all of the participants have added greatly to my Rocksmith experience.
  18. I think the dropdown box would be an very good solution. In the old search you have to actuallly go to the download page to find out how many difficulty levels there are. the dropdown box would be a big improvement over that. I don't think the threshold value is as useful, although for my purposes "more than one" is usually what I am looking for.
  19. I second this suggestion. Knowing the number of difficulty levels is important to beginners.
  20. Hmmm... The new listing still are not showing up in bold for me. Perhaps it's a Firefox issue, my preferred browser. Nope, checked on Explorer, no bold there either. Are you using Chrome? Yes I'm using chrome. Try using the green refresh button on the page next to the search box instead of refreshing via the browser. Though, it seems that to clear the bold entries I have to refresh via the browser. I also use Chrome and if the new entries are in bold I can't see it.
  21. I may have posted this comment elsewhere, but I liked the fact that the old version showed new posts in bold. That way you didn't have to keep track of where you last left off when visiting the CDLC search site. I do not see this valuable feature on the new version.
  22. I think the new version is great, but I will echo what someone posted above. The old version showed titles in bold that were added since my last search. It was great being able to see what had been added since I last visited the site. I don't see that in the new version, which means I need to remember when it was the last time I visited. Adding some sort of highlight like the old version would be great and helpful.
  23. :angry: Saw in the CDLC that a song pack from The Heartbreakers is coming out.....but only for One/PS4. Hope that's not a trend. We PC users are going to be pissed off if that's the case.
  24. Hope this is not a repeat question: Let's say there are two versions of the same song and I want to import both of them into my CDLC folder so that I can play both of them in RS2014 and decide which to keep (without having to add and delete, etc.). Is there an easy way to modify one of the songs in the tookit so that RS2014 sees the same song as two different songs? Apologies if this has been answered somewhere else in the forum.
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