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Cheap but quality speakers for Xbox and laptop setups


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Since the speakers on my laptop are so terrible, I've been mostly playing rocksmith through my xbox/TV and I haven't really used my cdlc as much as I'd like. Unfortunately it looks like the speakers on my old tube TV are about to bite the dust so I wanted to ask you guys what your recommendations for speakers/amps are. I don't even own an amp yet, but when the price is right I plan on getting a fender 25r amp for my fender strat. As far as speakers, I have absolutely no idea what I'm looking for. I just want something that is slightly but noticeably louder than my TV speakers, I don't plan on performing outside for an audience within the next decade, but it would be nice to have the option of dragging my laptop, speaker and guitar outside to play every once and a while.


Portability is important for the laptop setup, but if I have to sacrifice a lot of quality/volume or pay twice as much, I'd settle for something less mobile or on the larger end.


Quality means more to me then volume, but I'd still like something that is loud enough that on (or close to) max volume, talking to someone in a small room forces you to raise the volume of your voice. I'm not trying to rattle the foundation to my house or anything.


Thanks for the help :)

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Also, I'd prefer the price to be in the sub-$100 range, but if paying $200+ gets me something loud and portable with good sound quality, I'm willing to be flexible. I'd prefer to spend a little more for quality products, I just want to avoid over doing it for my needs.

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Shame you live in the US, otherwise I'd recommend you getting some Polaroid 2.1 PC speakers from Asda. I got some a while back, only cost me around 12 quid at the time, and I've been really surprised at how good they sound for the price they are. Have got them attached to my TV instead of a sound bar and they sound great.

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Bought Philips SPA8210 speakers for $70 and the sound isn't very impressive. Wasn't expecting much but it was the best thing I could find locally. Seems like there's a drawback to every set of speakers I look up reviews for unless they cost over $400, and that's too much for me. Probably just going to go with a bose setup, there are several in the $200 range that look portable enough and I can trust the quality.


Btw, I should've said I was looking for a 2.0 setup, not 2.1. If I can't find anything satisfying enough on the portable side, I probably will just get a 2.1 setup.

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