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Locked Can't save CDLC package

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I've been trying to make a new custom song on Rocksmith 2014 recently. Everything is done, I've mapped the song and everything but when i try to create the pacakge in rocksmith custom song toolkit there's a problem when saving it. I fill in everything needed and add all the files. But when I'm clicking on generate i get this message:


Package was created with errors! See below:

Error generate Mac package: Could not find file "var/folders/1f/rm87kszx5cq4wrb457lyhl4r0000gn/T/tmp1c1123f5.dds"



How do i solve this problem?

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I am having the same issue, I actually tried on both a PC and a MAC same issues.

What version of the toolkit are you using?


Also have you been able to make any?

The first one I did got created, but wont play.


But now I unpackage one of the "good" ones

Try to save a psarc

and get the same error

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