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Could not save project (error 3)


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I've just met a new problem for me.


EOF gave me "Could not save project (error 3)" when i try to save it.

And this happens just at the beginning.

I create a new project, adjust BPM change and Time signature, create the leading silence, try to save and that's it.


I use windows 7 on a PC. 

Thanks for your work, i have a lot of fun because of your software.


Help, please ?

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I am using the 1341 version of EOF.

Strange thing happened, the problem disappeared and appears again this morning.

I thought it comes from the mp3 i used.

On other topic, your advice was to create the leading silence with audacity. So i open my protools (i don't have audacity), creates the silence and open a new project with the new mp3, and no problem.

I thought the problem came from the name and properties of the mp3, the track is Águas De Março, certain letter like the Á or ç creates the bug.


But the problem appears again this morning when i worked on the lyrics chart. 

In the link you will find the EOF and Toolkit file, even a psarc file since it was working yesterday, but now i can't save again.





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I downloaded the MP3, but I couldn't see that it had any ID3 tag contents. I created a new folder titled "Águas De Março" (including the accented characters), put the MP3 in it, created a new project with that MP3 (specifying the audio file's parent folder as the project folder), made a few changes to the beat map, added a note and saved. EOF saved the project file, MIDIs, XMLs, etc. in the folder without error. Even when I add leading silence with the stream copy option, it's able to save the files without error, so I don't think it's an issue with the MP3 being incompatible with the third party OGG tools EOF uses. I'll probably need that log file to have a better chance to see what's happening.

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You're right. I don't think i comes from the mp3.

The first time i had the problem, i used the original mp3 which had ID3 tag contents, then i modify it with protools, which made it lose his ID3 tag contents (and that's the mp3 you've downloaded) but the problem's still here.


So i've done exactly like you. Create a new project with the mp3, import my XML and vocals files, and it saved perfectly. I don't know what to say.


I put you a link for a file named eof_log. I found it in the eof1.8RC9 folder, i hope it's what you're asking for. The problem is solved for me so thank you. 

If you find the reason, i'm still interested.



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If you can get to a point where you can reliably reproduce this with a specific set of steps (ie. open EOF project, perform some specific operations such as adding or removing a note and then saving), let me know. Until then I think the best I can do is add some more debug logging to the program.

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I restart the project from the beginning, i wanted to redo some guitar chords and it works perfectly. No problem this time.

So, sadly, i cannot give you more information on how this happened. 

Thanks for your time and efforts. 

I will post the song soon.

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