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How do i copy a group of notes


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As the title says i need to copy & paste a group of notes but don't know how to select them.

All i can seem to do is either select 1 note or the whole song.

Can anyone help?


Select works the same way many other programs work. Click on the first note (or chord), then use "ctrl-click" to select individual notes or "shift-click" to select a range.


You can even use search after you select your first note so you can position to a new measure, if you know the measure number. For example, you would click on a note, then press "shift-ctrl-B" to move to a beat or measure, then hold down the shift key while you click the last note in the range you want to copy.  


Then press "ctrl-C" to copy to the clip board.  Then select the beat you want to paste the notes to (right click on the beat to make it current) then press "ctrl-V" to paste. (You can also just select "copy" and "paste" from the "Edit" menu if you prefer to use the menus.

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Make sure when you click notes that they do not move, sometimes they snap when you touch them, or just move cause your mouse action is not leet :)


Try to click exactly in the centre of the coloured gem, and hit undo (ctrl+Z) of they do move.


RdBass4 is perfectly correct, but maybe a more simple explaination...


To select a range of notes (gems):


- click the first one


- hold down shift


- click the last one




Another useful trick is selecting all notes from the current note until the end (very handy when using GP files with extra/missing bars):


- click first note


- hold shift and press End





Remember to move any tech notes (if you have bends etc) separately!  Press F4 to go to tech note view and do the same with them as you did to the coloured gems.



Have fun :)

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