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List of Mastodon songs on Rocksmith. L = lead, R = rhythm, B = bass, V = vocals.



Crusher Destroyer

March of the Fire Ants (rummhamm87: LRBV)

Where Strides the Behemoth


Ol'e Nessie

Burning Man


Trampled Under Hoof


Mother Puncher

Elephant Man



Blood and Thunder

I Am Ahab (rummhamm87: LRBV)



Iron Tusk (rummhamm87: LRBV)


Naked Burn (rummhamm87: LRBV)

Aqua Dementia

Hearts Alive

Joseph Merrick


Blood Mountain

The Wolf Is Loose (rummhamm87: LRBV)

Crystal Skull (rummhamm87: LRBV)

Sleeping Giant (rummhamm87: LRBV)

Capillarian Crest

Circle of Cysquatch


Colony of Birchmen (Rocksmith 2014 DLC)

Hunters of the Sky (rummhamm87: LRBV)

Hand of Stone

This Mortal Soil

Siberian Divide (rummhamm87: LRV)

Pendulous Skin


Crack the Skye

Oblivion (Rocksmith 2014 DLC)

Divinations (rummhamm87: LRBV)

Quintessence (rummhamm87: LRBV)

The Czar (rummhamm87: LRBV)

1. Usurper

2. Escape

3. Martyr

4. Spiral

Ghost of Karelia (rummhamm87: LRBV)

Crack the Skye (rummhamm87: LRBV)

The Last Baron (rummhamm87: LRV)


The Hunter

Black Tongue (Rocksmith 2014 DLC)

Curl of the Burl (rummhamm87: LRBV)


Stargasm (rummhamm87: LRBV)

Octopus Has No Friends (rummhamm87: LRBV)

All the Heavy Lifting (rummhamm87: LRBV)

The Hunter (rummhamm87: LRBV)

Dry Bone Valley (rummhamm87: LRBV)


Creature Lives


Bedazzled Fingernails

The Sparrow (rummhamm87: LRBV)


Once More 'Round the Sun

Tread Lightly

The Motherload

High Road (ZekeRamone: LRBV)

Once More 'Round the Sun

Chimes at Midnight (rummhamm87: LRV)

Asleep in the Deep

Feast Your Eyes

Aunt Lisa

Ember City


Diamond in the Witch House

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