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I decided to join the crowd and make a post for my stuff. It'll help me keep my in-progress CDLC's in order and let everyone know what's coming up soon. Generally I only do Lead, unless there's a second guitar worth using as a Rhythm section. I might try adding lyrics to future DLCs, but I'm not gonna be able to do bass since I have no way to test it.



Finished CDLC:

Axel Rudi Pell - Dreaming Dead [v1.2] (Power Metal)

Crush 40 - Into the Wind [v1] (Rock)

The Dead Weather - Hang You From the Heavens [v1] (Garage Rock)

Opeth - I Feel the Dark [v1] (Prog Rock)

Red Fang - Black Water [v1.1] (Stoner Metal)

Red Fang - Doen [v1] (Stoner Metal)

Shellac - Prayer to God [v1] (Noise Rock)

Sirenia - Sister Nightfall [v1] (Gothic Metal)

The Sword - Fire Lances of the Ancient Hyperzephyrians [v1] (Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal)

The Sword - Freya [v1.1] (Heavy Metal/Stoner Metal) [[special Thanks to hazazel!]]

Takeharu Ishimoto - Controlling the Iron Beast [v1.1] (Instrumental Metal)

The White Stripes - Rag and Bone [v1] (Garage Rock)

The White Stripes - Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine [v1] (Garage Rock)

The White Stripes - Hello Operator [v2] (Garage Rock)


In-Progress CDLC:

Foals - My Number (Indie Pop) [Tab is missing one of the three guitar parts]

Helloween - Long Live the King (Power Metal) [Tab is good, but missing fills]

Helloween - Mirror, Mirror (Power Metal) [Good tab, slightly wonky timing]

Steve Vai - Bad Horsie (Instrumental Rock) [Flawless tab, this shouldn't be more than 25 minutes of work]

The Sword - Ebethron (Heavy Metal) [Rhythm of the tab is off]

The Sword - To Take the Black (Heavy Metal) [Tab is wonky, but I know what I need to fix]


Planned CDLC:

Aimee B - FUTURE IN MY HANDS (Garage Rock) [Need to learn it/tab it out]

Aimee B - Room DESPAIR (Garage Rock) [Gotta learn/tab this one too]

Axel Rudi Pell - Cold Heaven (Power Metal/Rock) [Haven't looked for a tab yet]

Incubus - Beware! Criminal (Rock) [Gotta do some heavy work on the tab I found, or get a better one]

The Protomen - Light Up The Night (Glam Rock) [First of many Protomen songs I want, but don't have tabs for]

Rainbow - Starstruck (Classic Metal/Power Metal) [Gotta find/make a tab]

Stoned Jesus - I'm the Mountain (Stoner Metal) [Know it, just need to get it tabbed out]

Raintime - Flies & Lies (Death Metal) [i don't think there's a tab for this, but it shouldn't be hard to figure out.]

The Sword - Arrows in the Dark (Stoner Metal) [suggested, looking into it.]
The Sword - Seven Sisters (Stoner Metal) [Needs a tab, gotta write it up from scratch by ear]

Tame Impala - Enders Toi (Stoner Rock) [That slide guitar...ugh. Need to figure it out]

Tristania - Wormwood (Gothic Metal) [Tab is horribly inaccurate, gotta rework it]



If anyone has a suggestion, I'll try to work it into my list if I can. If anyone has tabs that could help, I'd greatly appreciate them!

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After loads of computer troubles I finally have a computer to work from again. I'll be getting back to work making new CDLC soon!


@@nigeej Thanks! I'll definitely try to get new The Sword tracks up, they're one of mty favourites.


@ I'll take your suggestion and try to do Black Woods by Stoned Jesus as well, but I'm working without any preexisting tabs, so it's a lot of time and work learning everything by ear and tabbing it.


@@assbecile4 I'll take a look but I doubt I'll do more Tame Impala than what I have listed


@@Eves I can't do bass very well, since I don't have a bass and there's some quirks with the Emulated Bass. I'll see what I can do though.

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