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OSX/Mac CDLC Issues



Hi everyone, I've been having massive problems trying to get CDLC to work with Rocksmith 2014 through Steam. I've downloaded RSInjector no less than 15 times (for some reason, some downloads will get CDLC in the first time, others won't), followed all of the steps in the tutorial posted here, etc.


So far I've played four different CDLC songs in R2014. They were all put into the dlc folder at different times. I would try to launch Rocksmith through the Injector again and they would not show up. These were, of course, _m.psarcs, not PC files.


Now, I've gotten two CDLC songs to work consistently in Rocksmith, but NONE of the others I put in the dlc folder show up. I really don't know what I'm doing wrong... I've spent 5-6 hours on this problem myself and I really haven't gotten anywhere through trial and error.


Could anyone help me out?

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Usually if customs won't show up after launching RS2014 through RSInjector, it's because either the file is bad (maybe missing tones, or other problems, there seem to be lots of reason for them not to work), or the AppID is incorrect.


If you purchased Cherub Rock, most of the customs here use that AppID and work fine.  Occasionally you have to update the AppID regardless, even if it's already set to Cherub Rock.  I don't know why, but I've had to do it before.  If you didn't purchase Cherub Rock, and bought something else instead, you have to update the customs to use that AppID.


You also have to actually purchase the 1 DLC file, through Steam, that you want to use the AppID for.   You can't just pirate it and stick it in the dlc folder. 


Here's my RSInjector app (in a zip file):




Everything works great for me, so maybe you just have a bad RSInjector app.

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