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[TRR]Rocksmith+ adds Disturbing content to the library

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Hello Rocksmith fans!
On February 6th, Ubisoft added TEN songs from everyone’s favourite hard rock/nu metal Chicago band, Disturburbed!

Disturbed – Asylum – Bass, Lead, AltLead
Disturbed – Divisive – Bass, Lead
Disturbed – Down with the Sickness – Bass, Lead, Rhythm
Disturbed – Indestructible – Bass, Lead, Rhythm
Disturbed – Inside the Fire – Bass, Lead, Rhythm
Disturbed – Stricken – Bass, Lead, Rhythm
Disturbed – Ten Thousand Fists – Bass, Lead
Disturbed – The Night – Bass, Lead, Rhythm
Disturbed – Unstoppable – Bass, Lead
Disturbed – Voices – Bass, Lead

Green denotes a song from the Rocksmith 2014 Library

As far as we can tell, only Down with the Sickness is region locked (not available in EU).…

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