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  1. Hey Rocksmith fans! As the leaves finally start to fall from the trees in the US, so too does the Rocksmith news change. Rocksmith 2014 has been delisted (thanks for everything!), and the piano beta for Rocksmith+ has started!… The post Rocksmith+ October Round-Up appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  2. Hey Rocksmith fans! A second WMG drop followed the first (plus a few arrangements for a handful of songs already available). This added not only new songs for some artists we got last patch, but a few new artists as well.… The post Rocksmith+ WMG Drop 2 Round-Up appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  3. Hello Rocksmith fans! No title update for this content drop, it’s just songs. We had previously analyzed a trailer released that was pointing on some artists planned for the rest of 2023. On Tuesday evening Rocksmith+ delivered on their promises by adding content from Joy Division, Jack White, The White Stripes, Fort Minor, the return of Heart, Roxette, and Lupe Fiasco!… The post Rocksmith+ adds songs from Joy Division, RATT, Fort Minor, Jack White/White Stripes, and more! appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  4. Hello Rocksmith fans! Hope everyone is enjoying last month’s drop and has bought their new 88 key MIDI capable piano. Today an YouTube Short (and Facebook post) revealed some new artists being planned for what we assume is the next few content drops for Rocksmith+ .@rocksmithplus… The post Rocksmith+ Teases upcoming content (Green Day, Coldplay, Tom Petty, Joy Division, Deftones) appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  5. Hello Rocksmith fans! Welcome to the spooky month update. It contains a full album from Fear Factory, Death’s Symbolic, and Misfit’s (Michael Graves era ) Famous Monsters minus five songs, plus more! Learn to play new hit songs from #Coldplay, #LilyAllen, #Misfits, #FearFactory, and more!… The post Rocksmith+ Update brings content from Death, Fear Factory, Misfits, and Ubisoft Titles! appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  6. Hello Rocksmith fans! Well, you know that we’ve been speculating about this since 2022 and here it is! It’s Piano time! Yes, on Monday at around 11:30 PM EDT the Title Update hit Rocksmith+ and with it came a separate instrument containing 300 songs (varies in regions as usual) and a full lesson suite!… The post Ubisoft launches Rocksmith+ Piano Beta appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  7. Hey Rocksmith fans! The one-year anniversary of Rocksmith+ saw the first drop of WMG songs from the new deal, but the ball’s been rolling fast since. A second drop came in, and keys were announced, launching on the 24th of this month with 300 songs both new and old.… The post Rocksmith+ WMG Drop 1 Round-Up appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  8. This article made possible makes to contributing author Metallica93 Hello Rocksmith fans! Ivory ticklers rejoice! Piano support is finally coming to the Rocksmith franchise at long last. While this is obviously exciting news for many of us who’ve already dabbled in piano or are wanting to try, it’s also perfectly understandable for it to be a bit confusing for those currently without a digital piano or M.I.D.I.… The post The Rocksmith+ Piano Buyers Guide appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  9. Hello Rocksmith fans! Exciting day! An article from Sports Illustrated interviewing Jason Schroeder has revealed that October 24th will indeed be the launch of Piano content in Rocksmith+ Coldplay – “Clocks” (Not yet released, scheduled for Oct 24th) Alicia Keys – “If I Ain’t Got You” (Available now, guitar/bass) Billy Joel – “Piano Man” (Not yet released, scheduled for Oct 24th) The White Stripes – “My Doorbell” (Not yet released, scheduled for Oct 24th) Ludwig van Beethoven – “Für Elise” (Not yet released, scheduled for Oct 24th) [Bachsmith?]… The post Interview with Rocksmith+ Producer confirms Piano Content this month appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  10. Hello Rocksmith fans! Here we are in spooky season What’s scarier than a Rocksmith+ article (besides the comments or maybe the delisting section ). Fear not as the second September 2023 update has continued the level of quality that a strong partnership with WMG could only bring… Full Patch / Update Notes Alright, let’s see what we are losing out on… DEACTIVATED SONGS: 58 Cirque du Soleil – 16-Papillon Cirque du Soleil – A La Lune Cirque du Soleil – A Tale Cirque du Soleil – Aborigenes Jam Cirque du Soleil – Alegria Cirque du Soleil – Ants Cirque du Soleil – Ballare Cirque du Soleil – Bascule Cirque du Soleil – Birth Of The Sky Cirque du Soleil – Blue Silk Cirque du Soleil – Boléro Cirque du Soleil – Boule 4 Cirque du Soleil – Brisa Do Mar Cirque du Soleil – Bulgares Cirque du Soleil – Buster’s Big Opening Cirque du Soleil – Cabaret Sata Cirque du Soleil – Crystal Pyramid Cirque du Soleil – Cum Sancto Spiritu Cirque du Soleil – Distorted Cirque du Soleil – Egypte Cirque du Soleil – Entracte Cirque du Soleil – Fanfare Cirque du Soleil – Foreigner Cirque du Soleil – Gitans Cirque du Soleil – Indie-Hip Cirque du Soleil – Irna Cirque du Soleil – Jeux D’Enfants Cirque du Soleil – Kalandéro Cirque du Soleil – Kamande Cirque du Soleil – Kiriki Cirque du Soleil – KOOZA Dance Cirque du Soleil – Koumaya Cirque du Soleil – Kunda Tayé Cirque du Soleil – La Nouba Cirque du Soleil – Love Duet Cirque du Soleil – Lubia Dobarstan Cirque du Soleil – Mer Noire (Tiësto Remix) Cirque du Soleil – Miracula Aeternitatis Cirque du Soleil – Mirko Cirque du Soleil – Nocturne Cirque du Soleil – Nostalgie Cirque du Soleil – Omé Kayo Cirque du Soleil – Ouverture Cirque du Soleil – Pearl Cirque du Soleil – Pokinoi Cirque du Soleil – Propel Cirque du Soleil – Queens Cirque du Soleil – Querer Cirque du Soleil – Ravendhi Cirque du Soleil – Stella Errans Cirque du Soleil – Superstar I Cirque du Soleil – Tango Cirque du Soleil – The Worlds Meet Cirque du Soleil – Urban Cirque du Soleil – Vai Vedrai Cris Mj – Empezamos de 0 Cris Mj – Famoso Cris Mj – Locura y Maldad We will miss you Cirque du Soleil charts (There’s still 29ish left) The formatting of the song drop has a changed a bit which leads to a bit less work on our part in determining what’s new NEW AUTHENTIC ARRANGEMENTS: 114 Alabama – High Cotton – Lead, Bass Alabama – Old Flame – Lead, Bass Alabama – Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler) – Lead, Bass Alabama – She And I – Lead, Bass Annihilator – Crystal Ann – Bass, Lead, Rhythm Blu Cantrell – Sleep In The Middle – Bass Carola – Jag drömmer om en jul hemma – Bass Crystal Fighters – At Home – Rhythm, Bass Crystal Fighters – Plage – Lead, Bass Gigi D’Alessio – Parlarti E Poi – Lead Halestorm – I Hate Myself for Loving You – Bass, Lead Halestorm – Ride the Lightning – Bass, Lead Henrietta Smith-Rolla – A Song For Him – Lead Indigo Girls – Our Deliverance – Lead Indigo Girls – Soon Be to Nothing – Lead Lee Rocker – Honky Cat – Bass, Lead Leonel García – Que Lloro – Lead Linkin Park – Cure for the Itch – Bass, Rhythm Linkin Park – Faint – SimpleGuitar Linkin Park – Lost – SimpleGuitar Linkin Park – Numb – SimpleGuitar Linkin Park – One More Light – Bass, Lead Los Amigos Invisibles – Óyeme Nena – Lead Mireille Mathieu – Promets-moi – Lead New Order – Age of Consent – Lead, Bass New Order – Bizarre Love Triangle – Lead, Bass New Order – Blue Monday – Lead, Bass Otis Redding – I Can’t Turn You Loose – Lead, Bass Rainie Yang – Dai Wo Zou – Lead Ramsey Lewis – Limelight – Bass Seal – Don’t Cry – Bass, Lead Sepultura – Arise – Bass, Lead Sepultura – Beneath the Remains – Bass, Lead Sepultura – Dead Embryonic Cells – Bass, Lead Sepultura – Slave New World – Bass, Lead Sepultura – Troops of Doom – Bass, Lead The Byrds – Tulsa County – Lead The Cure – A Forest (2006 Remaster) – Bass, Lead The Cure – A Letter to Elise – Bass, Lead The Cure – Fascination Street (2010 Remaster) – Bass, Lead The Cure – Fire in Cairo (2005 Remaster) – Bass, Lead The Cure – High – Bass, Lead The Cure – Let’s Go To Bed – Bass, Lead The Cure – Lullaby (2010 Remaster) – Bass, Lead The Cure – Pictures of You (2010 Remaster) – Bass, Lead The Cure – Plainsong (2010 Remaster) – Lead, Bass The Cure – Prayers for Rain (2010 Remaster) – Bass, Lead The Cure – Primary (2005 Remaster) – Bass, Bass The Cure – The Caterpillar (2006 Remaster) – Bass, Lead The Cure – The Lovecats – Bass, Lead The Cure – Why Can’t I Be You?… The post Rocksmith+ second drop of September has content from Halestorm, Alabama, New Order, and more! appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  11. Hey Rocksmith fans! Big news happening in the small world of Rocksmith+, Ubisoft and WMG announced a partnership and we had what was hopefully the first of many drops of some major hits from the label, and the news also broke that 2014 is unfortunately getting delisted as the licensing is expiring.… The post Rocksmith+ August (Part Two) Round-Up appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  12. Hello Rocksmith fans! Well, we had seen big changes were coming to the music library and last night @rocksmithplus certainly delivered 50 of them… pic.twitter.com/PXTG2C7ghH — WarnerAgreementsmith+ (@TheRiffRepeater) August 1, 2023 First there was a video posted on YouTube/Twitter/Facebook that was promptly taken down (it probably showed a bit too much)… We got the screenshots though pic.twitter.com/Mit65L1SR2… The post Rocksmith+ surprises us with content drop from Linkin Park, Twisted Sister, The Cure, Otis Redding and more! appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  13. Hey Rocksmith fans! August brought a whoppin’ ten songs from Rick Derringer (incluing Real American!) that are phenomenal on lead and bass, a special content drop of five Hail the Sun songs that the same goes for, a handful of Tom Baxter (four lead/three bass), three songs each for rappers Nas and Too $hort, and then a few charts for a couple of songs from a number of assorted artists: Alice Cooper, Alicia Keys, Cocteau Twins, DJ Quik, Echo and the Bunnymen, New Order, Paul Gilbert, and Play Dead.… The post Rocksmith+ August (Part One) Round-up appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  14. Hello Rocksmith fans! We received a second update in the same month (August) which is a bit light (all things considered) but still has some interesting new licenses and some great Guitar and Bass arrangements. Patch notes for August (on Trello)… Feature improvements / New features General · The internal process of retry has been improved, and now players will see the smaller number of errors of network connection.… The post Early Rocksmith+ Update adds new content from Malevolent Creation, SCANDAL, Backstreet Boys, and more! appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  15. Hey all y’all Rocksmith fans! A bit lighter of an update, but when part of it is six(!) songs featuring B. B. King and Eric Clapton it can be forgiven. In addition, there was some focus on some Bowling for Soup songs (six lead/three bass), four Yahritza Y Su Esencia songs, a little more Bill Withers (three lead/one bass) trickling in for the birthday playlist, and of course, a gigantic assortment of other songs from other artists.… The post Rocksmith+ July Round-Up appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  16. Hello Rocksmith fans! Hope you are having a great August August’s Rocksmith+ update brought some varied content and a few QoL updates to note. Let’s check out the patch notes for August (on Trello)… Feature improvements / New features General · Noteway can be paused and resumed by tapping or clicking the screen.… The post Rocksmith+ Title Update brings Rick Derringer, Paul Gilbert, Nas, and Too $hort to the library appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  17. Hello Rocksmith fans! Rocksmith devs release a prioritization of charts already in the library for the month (on discord) to try to give community charters a heads up of songs not to focus, and with that information, we can also predict what the next patch is going to look like some.… The post Rocksmith+ August Forecast appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  18. Hello Rocksmith fans! June brought us some interesting chunks. While it was a monthly drop as usual, it was fairly organized in a way that might be familiar to 2014 fans: We got a big Bill Withers (six on lead/nine on bass) pack, a live Roxy Music three pack, a The Script seven pack, and then of course the giant-sized variety pack that is the remainder of any given update.… The post Rocksmith+ June Round-Up appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  19. Hello Rocksmith fans! Hope you enjoyed your Summer holiday long weekends This July we get an interesting update from Rocksmith+ Mostly focused on the addition of six songs from Eric Clapton & B.B. King’s 2000 Grammy winning album Riding with the King, this update is definitely for the blues.… The post Rocksmith+ Title Update brings music from Eric Clapton & B.B. King to the library appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  20. Hello Rocksmith fans! May’s content drop didn’t have anything as big in the drop as the Billy Joel songs nor something as cohesive as the Willie Nelson birthday playlist (though there is still a bit more of that, as we’ll see below), but it still had a number of gems and I’ll do my best to introduce you to them.… The post Rocksmith+ May Round-Up appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  21. Hello Rocksmith fans! The summer is here! This June we’ve had more Rocksmith news than usual, first we had the mobile announcement ahead of Ubisoft Forward, the iOS/Android version is now LIVE worldwide* (*for the most part) and the Title Update on Monday came with visual updates and 119 new arrangements to the always growing Rocksmith+ Library.… The post Rocksmith+ Title Update brings Visual Updates and content from Bill Withers, Bowling For Soup, Roxy Music, and more! appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  22. Hello Rocksmith fans! Yesterday afternoon @rocksmithplus announced an update on the worldwide release date for Rocksmith+ for iOS/Android! Currently you can play it in the regions of Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Rocksmith+, the award-winning guitar-learning app, is launching soon on mobile devices worldwide.… The post Rocksmith+ partners with Mothica for worldwide iOS/Android launch appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  23. Hey Rocksmith fans! April’s patch was as relatively small as March’s was relatively large, as the time between the two patches was surprisingly small, probably in part to roll out the helpful new queues of new authentic and community arrangements on the play page.… The post Rocksmith+ April Round-Up appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  24. Hello Rocksmith fans! Hope you are enjoying May, it’s certainly getting warmer This week Ubisoft pushed their monthly title update which included new arrangements and artists to the always growing Rocksmith+ Library. Rocksmith+ here with some new hits just added!… The post Rocksmith+ Title Update brings new content from Kings X, MMW, George Benson, CHVRCHES, and more! appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
  25. Hello Rocksmith fans! The March song drop was a big one, in part because it was late in the month. Still, 117 new arrangements were added, and unfortunately before the new queues were ready to roll out (but they’re here now in the present!).… The post Rocksmith+ March Round-Up appeared first on The Riff Repeater.
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