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WTF ??????


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BCRICH.thumb.jpg.58fdba55ec7a46a17417248bfc4b96b5.jpgI have a bunch of odds and ends guitar parts  laying around so i,ve been putting together a couple of guitars ...One i finished today,,  The BC RICH looking one i finished today except a couple odds and ends.. I  never use tone knobs, so i didn,t hook up the tone pot to anything...Weird thing is,,i was just playing it and the tone knob  WORKS LIKE IT,S HOOKED UP ?????????

WEIRD !!!!! I left about an inch of wire coming off of it that goes nowhere ... What,s goin on ??

I,m not done with the Strat looking one yet as i,m having some problems fitting the bridge. (Body was cracked through where bridge sits)  I bought the Squier body (already painted)(can,t take credit for that)(roughed it up a bit though) over 10 yrs ago,,,same for the BC Rich Body,,Already painted off of Ebay..No electronics or necks on either.

Maybe in future i,ll put  maple necks on them if i find some cheap,,,,maybe not ..

Working on another El Cheapo guitar to make it look like Demartini,s Blood and Skull guitar..(getting a custom wrap for that one)


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Here,s my Blood and Skull project so far.. cheap guitar off of Amazon i,ve had a long time..

Fiberglass and spot putty to eliminate the tone pot,,,Don,t know why they put those things on guitars ??? USELESS !!!!

Anyway ,I,ll post when finished if i don,t EFF it up !! Wraps coming this week i thinkbloodandskull2.thumb.jpg.2e037ebea638b8560f760e100fd6332b.jpg


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