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My Rocksmith Story...



Hello Everyone!

So, I have been a member here since 2014 and yes, this is my first post... In that time I have downloaded something like 2500 songs.

I came to Bass from drums after I tore up my knee and couldn't kick for very long. But I fell in love with the Bass immediately. I found out about Rocksmith in 2014 when I purchased the game for the Xbox. Then I found you guys! and my world changed forever. I owned a business at the time so like most of you finding time to play was hard.


In 2018 my wife went into Cardiac Arrest and my world changed forever. She survived but it was a very long and difficult recovery. The first 2 years I was pretty difficult as she needed 24hr care as in by her side care. I played when I could to ease the stress and to take my mind off things but I wanted more. As she progressed I was able to play a bit more everyday and she was able to get involved, so it helped with her Traumatic Brain Injury. She still requires 24hr care and I sold my business to care for her. Life isn't perfect, but we have fun everyday and experience as many things as possible.


Around 2020 I was able to really sit and play and that brings us to today. I have been the Bassist for several studios and I'm the current Bassist on a TV Series on Starz. My wife (Sue) has been with me for all of it and it has been so much fun and I've learned so much. I can't speak highly enough about Customsforge I have watched this site change so much since the beginning and I love the new things that are constantly being added. You provided a service and don't really ask for anything in return and that is something I greatly appreciate. 


I started a channel on YouTube for us to document and goof off ya know. Check it out if you want. Oh and all of my Bass playing are songs that I learned from here. Heck I may even run it in the background just for the music side of it. Anyway have a look https://www.youtube.com/@CricketbugSessions1217 Had to redo the Channel here's the new link. Thanks Everyone!

I attached a few pics below. The day she woke from being in a coma for almost a month, This past Mothers Day and My babies 🙂

Thanks for reading,







123_1(15) (1)rm.jpg


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That is one hell of a journey mate.  I have also found RS and customsforge to be incredible tools in helping me deal with the curveballs that life throws at us.  Keep rocking that bottom end.  While I couldn't pick what I love more between the guitar and bass, we all know which of the two gets people out on the dance floor!

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