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  1. I have found that there are a good number of CDLC songs that are a bit off A440/E-standard, and listed and programmed as E-standard. The dissonance makes them unplayable for me, unless I find the magic tuning beforehand and twiddle with the tuners. Are there any thoughts on what is best for those considering making CDLC like this? 1) pitch shift the audio in the song to be true E-standard. This feels like the best option for me personally, because if you play though a splitter into an amp or through RS, you are fine. No high maintenance tuning, which is an issue for those with a locking nut. Do some consider this taboo, like the original artists really inteded the song to be in A-444? 2) pitch shift the RS signal to the tuning of the song. Bad for the clash of the acoustic sound of the guitar vs the RS amplified sound, but lower maintenance than hitting the tuners back an forth. 3) just listing and programming the track to the true tuning. Higher maintenance to mess with the tuners, but true to the song and not a problem for split signal vs through RS. Anyone have preferences, or is anyone offended by pitch shifting the audio in the song? My intuitions tell me that most listeners wouldn't be able to tell the difference if it is within a quarter-step.
  2. Don't buy an Acer Predator Helios. I got one, way over powered for RS, but there is something with its native sound that lags pretty bad regardless of trying everything ever listed for reducing lag.
  3. Thanks for the info - I went through all of the standard hoops already: device properties, driver updates, NVidia settings and all of the Rocksmith configuration file stuff. I updated the sound driver (Realtek High Definition Audio SST). I have been trying to remove it and replace it with the WIndows default sound driver, but WIndows 10 is making it really difficult: it won't show the default driver as an option, and any time I remove the Realtek one, it re-installs on reboot. I am going to research to see if there are other audio drivers that might work better.
  4. I have zero detectable latency on XB360, but I just bought an overpowered laptop because I wanted to play CDLC. Acer Predator Helios 300 7th Gen Intel Core i7-7700HQ Processor 3.80GHz 32GB Memory 512GB SSD + 2TB HDD 6GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 Graphics The latency is unplayable. I have tried all of the suggestions that have come up so far: audio playback/recorder configurations, dozens of permutations of different configuration file values, driver updates, Dolby off, no HDMI, even setting the windows priority levels and qualities. Since it is a laptop, maybe it is just an artifact of the way the onboard sound is done? I am not sure where to turn to now, except for splitting the signal out to an amp. But I agree, the custom tones in the DLC are cool, and I would love to be able to play them. If there are any suggestions or intuitions as to what I may be doing wrong, I would love to hear them. So it's a bit frustrating having an over-powered machine that can't play a 4 year old game that is seamless on a generation-old game system.
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