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Songs with great "mosh parts"

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NIN's March of the Pigs is actually a pretty confusing song to try and mosh to with its ridiculously fast 7/8 time, but through five times seeing them live that's never stopped everyone from trying their damndest anyways. 

When I saw Queens of the Stone Age in Seattle some years back, the show opened with a lot of (then) newer material, specifically mid-tempo stuff. It was good, but after like five or six of those songs they went into "Millionaire" and it was like a flip switched in the crowd; everyone who thought they were here for an easy-going alternative show quickly realized their mistake as a gigantic pit opened up, and that shift in energy lasted the rest of the show (of course I gotta mention Song for the Dead too, with that all-timer outro)

For something a tad more hardcore, Dead Cross (Mike Patton/Dave Lombardo/Justin Pearson/Michael Crain supergroup)'s "Gag Reflex" has a chorus that commands moshing, and crazy-ass 50-something Mike Patton got right up in the crowd and facilitated it himself when I saw them live:


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