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Using Artist and Title Sort Fields To Create Chronological and Track-Accurate Album Presentation, And A Question About Song Volumes

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Howdy All, and thanks to the devs for such a great tool!

Like many of you I'm sure, I really want to see my large collection in album chronology and track order. So I made the decision to edit each albumsort field to force the sort, e.g., Beatles artistsort is changed from "beatles" to [artistname][year][tracknum]. After recoding each Beatles file, "Two of Us" appears as track one in a grouping of that album, and appears chronologically after prior years' albums. It was a pain in the ass but so worth it to me.

For instances of multiple releases per year, I use a,b,c after the [year]. I don't know how to script this although the rest of the work is just concantination. 

The downsides are ODLC is uneditable and so end up at the beginning of any Artist sort; and this much specificity requires maintenance of updates or additions, but I'm OK with that too.

I've also changed the appearance of Song Lists. If you sort a song list by year, album groupings disappear. I'd rather see the albums from the same year grouped together. So I've begin editing again with Song Lists and am editing titlesort by appending the above modified [artistsort] to the beginning of [titlesort].  This change wrecks alpha title sort but I decided I rarely if ever sort that way, and my thematic use of Lists is enhanced in a way I like, which encourages playtime, which it definitely has. Again, worth the effort to a collector/musician/user like me. 

QUESTION 1: Is there a script similar to Renamer that can be added to CFSM to achieve this? This one-by-one stuff is losing its charm ater a gazillion edits and counting. I wish I knew enough to write my own because it's just concatination. 

QUESTION 2: With respect to Song volume, is there a way to bulk-analyse track db and bring everything to a uniform standard?

Many thanks again! You make my favorite game so much better!


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