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Augut Burns Red


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I have all ABR official tabs so I chart it all.

Here the list of the chart I made (if the song is not crossed out, it's available and click on it for downoad it) :


Thrill Seeker (2005) :

-Your Little Suburbia Is in Ruins

-Speech Impediment


-Too Late for Roses


-The Reflective Property

-A Wish Full of Dreams


-A Shot Below the Belt

-Eve of the End

-The Seventh Trumpet


Messengers (2007) :

-Truth of a Liar

-Up Against the Ropes

-Back Burner

-The Blinding Light


-Vital Signs

-The Eleventh Hour

-The Balance

-Black Sheep

-An American Dream



Constellations (2009) :

-Thirty and Seven/Existence

-Thirty and Seven


-Ocean of Apathy

-White Washed

-Mariana's Trench

-The Escape Artist








Leveler (2011) :


-Internal Cannon


-Cutting the Ties


-Carpe Diem

-40 Nights

-Salt & Light

-Poor Millionaire

-1/16/2011//Boys of Fall



Rescue & Restore (2013) :



-Spirit Breaker

-Count It All as Lost


-Creative Captivity

-Fault Line

-Beauty in Tragedy



-The First Step


Found In Far Away Places (2015) :

-The Wake



-Seperating the Seas

-Ghosts (feat. Jeremy McKinnon)

-Majoring In The Minors

-Everlasting Ending

-Broken Promises


-Twenty-One Grams




Phantom Anthem (2017) :

-King of Sorrow

-Hero of the Half Truth

-The Frost


-Invisible Enemey






-Carbon Copy


Guardians (2020) :

-The Narrative





-Dismembered Memory

-Ties That Bind


-Extinct by Instinct

-Empty Heaven

-Three Fountains

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