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New RS CDLC installer not working Could anyone be kind enough to help,



HI, My Rocksmith 2014, froze, i had to uninstall/install both RS and steam, that didnt work, then factory reset my computer, CDLCs wearnt being recognised when rs loaded, i tried new RS installer off link in you tube, that worked had them, i tried to move steam onto my hard drive on laptop, not being very good at computers, found RS didnt work again, factory rest laptop again, got RS to work but now does not recognise CDLCS again. even with new RS installer

Wished i had left alone when everything was working 

Has anyone else experienced losing their CDLCS, could anyone help please, im gutted 

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Have you made sure to update all the mods you were using?

With the recent RS2014 update, the dll for cdlc as well as RS_Mods and RS_Asio had update that are necessary to do if you want the game to work with the update.

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Hello firekorn, many thanks for your reply, i found the answer, by another kind member which suggested the beta and JusstInCaseWeNeedIt solution, im very grateful for all replies to my question, i was totally gutted, been learning some of these cdlcs for 4 years now but i got em back, thankyou, Longbeard 

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Off the rails and into the wet ch00 ch00 siding whynnging and taking advice from FROGS that look like puppets.

We call them Cane Toads in Australia.

They have poisonous glands on their heads. 

They are a foreign introduced species that have gone outta-control.

Each female can drop 60,000 e^x eggs at one go and there are millions of them.

They wear out legs & toes when they migrate-hop skip & jump on mass to find another source of water... because their amphibians

Are you close to San Fransisco whyyn0tt?

Find UBISOFT HQ and tell them to get their ACT together or RS+Plus will FAIL.....BIG TIME...They will lose all RS-2014R members

Don't you know it's another $ex Scandal over $$$$$ and they will DE-LIST your CDLC & DLC.

They are the cause of SSSSoooo many problems with RS-2014R right now that I'm calling it---I'm sick of the CLUNK and this piece of software JUNK and

....I'm thinking of jumping ship to ToneLib Jam & GFX

All problems stem from RS-2014R UPDATE that COINCIDES with the RS+ Plus Launch 2-3 weeks ago.

2:15AM AEDT....have to get some ZZZZzzz......Shredneck😴



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