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Slide to zero?


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Is there some way to get EOF/RS to recognize a slide to zero? As in sliding all the way down and releasing the string so the open string rings out? I've been trying everything I can think of and I can't seem to make it work since it requires an end fret and doesn't accept zero

I also tried setting to end at fret 1 on a ghost note and then have that 1 do an unpitched slide, all linkednext but that didn't work either

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I usually just unpitch slide to 1 as you just figured out but occasionally I have had it slide unpitched to 1 then added a separate open string note with a pull off status if I felt it was especially important. That said I don't think its something ODLC has ever done that I've seen.

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I did think about trying the pull off but thought its not quite a pulloff as much as just a release... still good to know as an option. The unpitched slide seems good enough to understand when playin

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