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Note problems


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I have this problem where I place notes on the beat eg. 1 2 3 4, and when i test in phase shift I get them appearing on beats 1 and 3 why is there an extra beat in between?

Also why is there a time signature when I havent specified one


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Phase Shift draws darker lines to represent half-beats.  The thicker, lighter lines are the beat lines themselves.  In MIDI files, 4/4 time signature is always assumed as a default if it isn't explicitly defined.  120BPM is likewise the default tempo.

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You have definately misunderstood my dilema here. heres another pic o fthe actual song

The top one from the yellow HiHat is the start of the bar til the green crash and kick in the editor

on the bottom pic the bar starts on the second snare flam to the green crash and kick... the tempo has doubled, there are 2 bars in PS compared to 1 bar in the EOF editor. Thanks anyway, I wil just have to ignore the beat markers 🙂


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