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Out of memory error when repairing large CLDC


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I get an out of memory error when I'm running the repair utility on large full album CDLCs.  For example, https://ignition4.customsforge.com/cdlc/51473.   I also had this happen on the Metallica And Justice For All full album CLDC.  The log file says:

[2021/08/21 16:42:53]: Processing: Alestorm_Curse-of-the-Crystal-Coconut-Album_v2_p.psarc
[2021/08/21 16:42:54]:  - Successfully created backup ...
[2021/08/21 16:42:54]:  - Extracting CDLC Artifacts
[2021/08/21 16:43:54]:  - Applied Default AppId
[2021/08/21 16:43:54]:  - Preserved Song Stats
[2021/08/21 16:43:54]:  - Repackaging Remastered CDLC
[2021/08/21 16:45:14]: <ERROR> (e2) <ERROR> Writing Package: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.
[2021/08/21 16:45:14]:  - CDLC is not repairable ...


In task manager it looks like it uses about 1,300 MB of memory which stays allocated after the error.


Is there a way to allow it to use more memory?

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