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Lyrics with RockSniffer


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I'm planning a party this summer where we'll play some songs on guitar and bass with Rocksmith. I'd like to play a clip of the song on a projector and write out the lyrics. To avoid sync errors, I would take the lyrics from Rocksmith. For this I need to write a small program, that would work. I'd use the RockSniffer library. However, with the Cheat Engine, I can't find the actual text snippet or the corresponding pointer anywhere in memory. 
Can anyone help me with this?


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Not sure why you would need Rocksniffer to do this, when you could import a psarc file into RS Custom Song Toolkit and get the lyric files from the charts that way.

1. Download the toolkit
2. Once installed, go to the 'CDLC Creator' tab.
3. At the bottom, click 'Import Package' and select the file you want to get the lyrics from.
4. It will get you to save a new folder for said cdlc you have just imported (I save them to my E drive, but you can just save it in your rocksmith dlc folder)
5. It should bring a pop up to say the cdlc was imported, click okay and then go to where you saved the folder.
6. Open that new folder > EOF > and in there you will find the path files. 

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Fortunately, others have also thought of using the lyrics. So neitetsu made an unofficial version of RockSniffer 0.4.0. Link
And for that I made an HTML5 video player addon that starts the video for the song on a timed basis. So you can go to a karaoke party with Rocksmith.

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