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Huge Sustain Tone Creation


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Wondering if anyone has any tips for getting super huge sustain for very overdriven lead tones used to solo and hold notes for extended periods. 

I've tried using compressor pedal and the rack compressor and it helps a bit but it just cant get there. Not sure if its because I'm still using the realtone cable instead of a better setup maybe. Or maybe its just a limitation of what you can do with Rocksmith tones


Here's what I'm after- this whole outro has the tone I'm trying to create and starting around 52 seconds is a good example of long sustain. I know it also has a lot to do with feedbacking off the amp in this scenario as well


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Well, I checked my computers level input on the Realtone USB and for some reason it had been lowered, so I raised it back up to 100 and then did re-calibration inside Rocksmith which raised my general volume considerably. I guess somewhere along the lines my system's setup changed from when I installed RS. It sounds considerably better now

So if anyone has any troubles with sustain, try checking all these settings.


I'm still interested to hear any tips for attaining this kind of tone in RS.

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wow i have defensively the same problem, input volume ist like 30% or so everytime i restart the pc. sht.

i thought giving Rocksmith ultimate control over audio device will fix such problems but it still depents on the windows settings.


windows 10 seems to turn down the volume itself, we probably need a script to fix< that.<



did a litte reasearch, win 10 just forgets the settings ...

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Yeah I've been having to remind myself to check the settings every now and then because windows keeps lowering the input level

I tried doing some searching as to why but all I can find are people saying to disable the checkbox for exclusive access, which you actually need to have enabled for Rocksmith (depending on your system setup anyway) and besides, it seems like this is only really related to microphone usage in programs like Skype where it auto-adjusts your mic volume... shouldn't really be any reason for Rocksmith to lower the input.


I haven;t been able to figure out any reason why it happens or how to prevent it


But even still, I cannot attain the super mega sustain I am looking for. I am thinking its maybe just not possible in Rocksmith and depends on some very high gain setups with pre-amps and amps that you just can't do

Or maybe even just a limitation in Rocksmith's effects, cus I can get pretty huge sustain with just a distortion pedal in real life

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Hmm I don't quite get that though.. the last time it was lowered to only 17 in the windows settings, while the RS calibration set the makeup gain to +10DB (max)
Why would RS lower the windows input to 17/100 while maxing the makeup gain?

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19 hours ago, firekorn said:

Spoiler, it's not windows lowering the volume, it's RS based on the calibration you did.

nope that is not true. put Win volume on 100%, did calibration inside rocksmith, checked volume and it is still at 100%.

I even get a high volume warning on RS during tuning if guitar volume is also at 100%.



well, tested it again several times. at some point you are right, rocksmith dows adjust the voume by itself, bute not right away so causing some delay.



then the question really is, why is the guitar volume so low after calibration? even if i do not set everything up at 100% guitar volume and all pick up mixed, it is still not loud enough.


Anotehr way to check is the in-game visualisation. with RS calibration, i only get small peaks even at 100% guitar volume. if i crank up windows input manually from around 30 to around 60%, the peaks are able to reach maximum size without clipping the peaks off.

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So, it turns out my pickup height was too low on my guitar

After I raised the pickups, the sustain & overall sound is way better. Prob going to have to go back and redo a bunch of tones now as I was compensating in tone designer - explains why I was having a lot of trouble getting the sounds I was after


So, if you're having similar troubles, check your pickup height


Also the pole height for each string, if you have humbuckers. Do it by ear and go string by string, set each string to be as equal in volume as you can get by pickup selection

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