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Tabs end short


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I've been trying to chart Trail of Tears live by Eric Johnson as my first cdlc. I downloaded the guitar pro tabs on ultimate guitar, and imported the 7.5 version to 5. When I opened the audio and tabs in EoF, I started adjusting the timing. About 7 minutes into the song, I noticed the tabs suddenly stopped. I checked the tab file, and it wasn't missing anything. Any ideas why? (Sorry if I make no sense)

eof thing.JPG

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If notes got deleted for some reason while you're beat syncing, you can just import the tablature again and it will line up with the beat map.  If you were note syncing instead then you made more work for yourself and are probably going to have to import the tab into a different track, then select all notes starting from where they mysteriously stopped up until the last note (click on the first missing note to select it, then use SHIFT+End to select all remaining notes), copy to the clipboard, seek to where the first missing note goes in PART REAL_GUITAR_22 and then paste the notes and continue working.

If you import the tab again and find that the notes end sooner than expected, send me the GP5 file.  Just know that Guitar Pro doesn't always convert to GP5 very accurately so EOF may actually be importing the file as it is defined.

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