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(Semi) Automated Lyrics Generation [Tutorial]


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Software required:


  • Subtitle Edit v3.5.16 (or above)

          Note that the current (Sept 2020) beta that supports this:  https://github.com/SubtitleEdit/subtitleedit/releases/download/3.5.16/SubtitleEditBeta.zip

          Here is the regular website for newer stable versions as they are released depending on when you read this tutorial: https://www.nikse.dk/subtitleedit/


  • Editor On Fire


Process overview:

Use Youka to generate lyrics then import that into subtitle edit to convert to .SRT that can be read into EOF.


Step 1: Youka

Youka is a free software that creates karaoke songs out of any YouTube video.  In this example, I’ll be adding lyrics to the song “Ain’t Talking Bout Love” from Van Halen.  First step is finding a youtube link for the song.  This does not need to be the exact same audio length to the microsecond as you will be using later in Editor on Fire.   It just needs to have the same lyrics, be the same song.   The actual timing will be adjusted later.

Open Youka and paste the youtube link and the program will start doing it’s thing…




when it's done it will start playing the song




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'From first to last, the peak is never passed. Something always fires the light that gets in your eyes.'

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Now you go to



There should be a folder "Y-IUB62zDlA" there.  That is the youtube video's extension that was pasted for the song into Youka.


In that folder, there is a file word.json that you will need to import into subtitle edit.


Step 2:  Subtitle Edit


Open up Subtitle edit, then go to File -> Open and find the file identified above, word.json in your %username%\.youka\youtube\Y-IUB62zDlA folder.   Or you could also drag and drop it onto Subtitle edit.


You should see something like this:




Now File -> Save this onto your computer.   You will create a .SRT file that will be imported into Editor on Fire.

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'From first to last, the peak is never passed. Something always fires the light that gets in your eyes.'

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Step 3:  Editor On Fire


Open up your song in Editor On Fire.   I'm going to assume you are familiar with the basics of CDLC creation.  This part you should be familiar with, there are separate tutorials if you need to follow another tutorial for that such as this: 


Now, you should switch to the vocal track and import the SRT file you created from Subtitle edit.  Press F5 to view the waveform.


You should see something like this once you browse the song to where the lyrics start.





Now you'll need to select all the lyrics, with CTRL A and left click and drag them to the starting point you identify by listening to the song.   When lyrics are selected they turn green, they can be dragged and moved at that point.


Deselect everything after you have the lyrics lined up by left clicking on an empty space in the timeline or by pressing Ctrl-D or going to Edit -> Selection -> Deselect All.


Now highlight the entire first verse (in this example "I heard the news baby") and press Ctrl-M (or Note -> Lyrics -> Lyrics Lines -> Mark)




Now, just go through the rest of the song doing each verse and chorus into groups.   Fix any errors like in this particular example there's a bunch of "Hey hey heys" at the end that needed to be adjusted but for the most part the rest should be smooth sailing.


In the end, save your file you'll get a PART VOCALS_RS2.xml that you can use in the Rocksmith Toolkit.


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'From first to last, the peak is never passed. Something always fires the light that gets in your eyes.'

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