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Using CDLC on multiple computers





First time posting, so firstly a massive thank you to everyone on this forum and those creating CDLC, some amazing songs being added that make this great game even better.

I have Rocksmith set up on a PC using Steam, with CDLC installed, and wanted to kow if it is possible to set up on a laptop (also on Steam) and still carry the CDLC and track progess over, essentially switching between the 2 devices whenever I want?

Do I need to copy all CDLC files to the laptop from the PC, and will the progress of CDLCs still be regognised on the laptop?

Any help would be appreciated



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The progress is saved in your profile which steam transfer over if you have steam cloud save synchronisation activated.

Once that's done, you just need to have the CDLC files on both computer and you should be good to go.

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if both PCs are on the same network, you could try symbolic links to the "main" PC. 


I tinkered around with it, basically made a folder called "CDLC" on the 2nd PC in the "rocksmith/dlc" folder, then used a tool to create a symbolic link pointing that CDLC folder to the folder on the main PC where the files are.  The 2nd computer sees that folder and link and as long as both PCs are on and not asleep or powered down, the 2nd PC essentially loads the songs from the main PC.


It worked when I tried it a couple months ago, but since then have just been playing on my main PC and haven't tried it since.  It might even work if you have all your CDLC on a usb drive, so long as the usb drive is plugged in and recognized by the PC before starting Rocksmith (so the song files can enumerate at start up).  I might have to give that a try just to see if it can be done . . . 

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