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Rocksmith 2014 CDLC Lost



Tonight I noticed on my Steam library that both my Rocksmith and Rocksmith 2014 have been uninstalled from my Steam library. I have not done anything to uninstall them and I think it has something to do with Steam. 

I re installed both games and when I have loaded Rocksmith 2014, all my custom DLC are gone. I do have my purchased DLC. I have tried using the latest Rocksmith Toolkit to update the App ID on the CDLC but to no avail. 

Has anyone else encountered this problem? If you have a solution, please share it. 


Thank you very much.

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Few things.


First of all, with me, the default steam install folder (where the games also went) was a temp folder. Fuck all clue why but thats what it was. Anyway, when you run CCleaner or something like that and it clears your temp. everything is gone.


Now, for the losing of CDLC, you are sure that the CDLC are actually in the dlc folder and the .dll file is back? Since its a fresh install it wouldnt be there by default.


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Hi All,


Thank you for your responses. I finally figured it out and I got my CDLC back. 

To make a long story short, Rocksmith 2014 was redirected to another location on one of my hard drives. Therefore not being able to locate it on my SSDs where I normally play it on. This is due to updating my RAID controller driver. 

What I should've done was to right click on Rocksmith 2014 and clicked on browse local content and searched for the executable file. This way it would recognize what the file path is and load normally. 

I backed up my DLC folder and then I redownloaded Rocksmith 2014 and redirected it to the location I normally have it. Voila, recognized all my files and I see all my CDLC again :) 

Time to celebrate with some new songs to practise. Thank you again for your suggestions and comments. Much appreciated.

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