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imported lyrics from midi file not on the beat


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When i try to import lyrics from a midi file in EOF, the lyrics are not placed on the beat. 
To avoid this problem in EOF, i must set the tempo with the same tempo as in the guitar pro file which was used to create the midi file. After that i import the notes with the gp5 file, and only after i can synchronise the tab to the music.
My problem is that if i want to modify the lyrics and import it again in EOF after the synchronisation, the lyrics aren't automaticly placed on the beat.
Does anybody know how to import lyrics from midi file after having synchronised the tab to the music?
thanks for your help



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Exactly what kind of lyrics are you importing?  If this is from a rhythm game MIDI, they should already be appropriately timed to match a recording.  If you're trying to import un-timed lyrics (ie. synced to beats/measures instead of a recording) to a tempo map that has been synced to audio, it gets trickier.  You can try bringing up another instance of EOF, creating a blank chart, importing the lyrics, then copying and posting those to your synced project (the paste will take grid snapping into account and should get the result you want).  Ideally you shouldn't need to constantly edit and re-import the lyrics, just fix the lyrics once and then import them.

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The lyrics are inside a guitar pro tab and are sync to the guitar notes and measures. I've tried to copy/paste the lyrics from a new instance of EOF, and it works perfectly... but you're right, it's easier to fix the mistakes directly inside EOF. I'll do it this way  :)

Thank you for your help 
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