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Drop A Bass Tuning w/ 5 string


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Hey everyone,


I have started to dabble in creating CDLC and have a good handful created, but they have all been standard normal tunings.


I have now put together a song that involves B standard but Drop A for the top string, essentially A,E,A,D,G.


I have been racking my brain on why my CDLC does not work, I have gotten it to at least show the right tuning in-game, A,E,A,D.


If it matters, I am using a 5 string bass myself.


Though when in-game, the tuning just gets stuck at -999 or whatever, and I cant seem to actually get it to tune, even the other strings act the same.


My tuning with RS Toolkit is -7,-5,-5,-5,-5,-5 with the 220hz tuning pitch. The toolkit notices this as B Drop A Fixed.


Is there anything I might be missing?


Let me know if further/better info is required.

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Hey thanks for the link, Ill certainly keep that going forward, though I still appear to have some issues.


I have included screenshots this time, even with the + 12 work around and 220, I get the same error in game of everything stuck at -999 tuning.


Perhaps ive set things wrong on either the EOF or Toolkit tuning?


EOF Tuning:



Toolkit Tuning:


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The problem you are fighting against is that 5 strings bass tuning definition in EOF isn't starting on the right point compared to Rocksmith.


EOF when working on a 5 strings bass part have the default tuning (all 0) as BEADG while Rocksmith only knows of 4 strings default as EADG or guitar default of EADGBe so you aren't starting from the correct default situation which leads to problem once you go from one software to the other even if the method is correct.


You need to adjust the number of strings in EOF back to 4 on your bass part so that you work from EADG default tuning which is what Rocksmith use.

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