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Locked Problem with wwise

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Hello, I get an error message when trying to unpack and repack certain songs in the toolkit.


The message read as follows




Wwise audio file conversion failed: <ERROR> Did not find any converted Wwise audio files.



I have gotten this error on a few songs and don't know how to fix it.


Any idea what is wrong? 

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The fix for me trying to run the wwise 2013 recommended on 64 bit Windows 10 was that I was missing the vc2008redist_x86.exe that came with the wwise installation.


I already had vc2010redist_x86.exe installed, so it didn't give me an install option, just repair/remove, so I canceled out of that one.


Then I launched bin/Wwise.exe to make sure it runs (it did not before) and accepted the terms and conditions.  Then the toolkit worked fine for me.

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