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  1. I'm making the latest push to get orchestral strings like violin and cello to be a bit more standardized in the community. In the violin project thread, I've roughly at the point where my predecessors have gotten everything working. There's definitely example songs that work. I followed the standard tutorials + a few changes and made a few songs for these instruments. The last missing piece that I'm seeing is the Ignition4 filters. The two options I see are: "Custom Tuning" and "Other Instruments". Once I standardize the tunings with offsets and tuning frequencies, could we add a few of the other string instrument tunings to the filter list? I'll work to get these standardized across CFSM, Ignition, and the toolkits. Do you think that filtering by tuning would be sufficient to drive people searching to the right tracks? Should there be other modifications needed for searching/filtering?
  2. Yes, I see now that I think this is just a named description for "default tone" which is very few or no filters and just the raw sound. I think the most common use case will be microphone to game, then turn off the mic in game so you don't get feedback. Acoustic instruments far outnumber electric. I was under the impression that some official DLC came out with an official sound that was "Violin". If I say how lame the songs I'm doing are, then you guys will stop helping me. I think (and it seems common) that most people who get into this project are newbies and probably coming from guitar or bass. I have a few "simple songs" that are recognizable and come with a synthesized backing track. I'm starting on these easier "toy examples"/"arrangements" so its more approachable and easier to play. Although the dynamic difficulty seems to working extremely well with these. Too bad I'm in the habit of turning every song difficulty all the way up. XD Once I feel comfortable, maybe I can work on or help someone with the crossover music. I'll probably pick up a very cheap violin (monoprice violin anyone?) to help test those arrangements as well. I'm starting from sheet music currently, so I'm living in a different world than most. I'll get back to rockin' soon enough.
  3. Thanks guys, I did more testing today. I can confirm that it seems like the only Cello tuning that works is Cello at 880Hz. I still don't quite get the integer offsets, is it number of scale half from the tuning frequency? Doesn't seem to make sense since the frequency of the Cello strings are 65Hz to 220Hz. Is it because there's some assumption about bass guitar in the system? Is there another reference I can read to understand these values? I can confirm that if I open up what few songs exist in the database for Cello, modify the tuning, and repackage, the tuner issues are fixed. Is there a chance the underlying game changed in these past few years? ------------------------------------------- I'm not 100% sure if what I reported to @Alex360 is a bug. I see now that one must set the tuning frequency even though the preset says Cello 880Hz. That's the part that's not very intuitive. I see the advanced use case of a band set to standard tuning but at A445 for instance. I would say take no action for now and I'll report on Github if I get to something actionable. Maybe remove Cello 440Hz unless someone can explain why it's supposed to work, I double checked that I don't have something dumb like emulated bass on. Although emulated bass would let the 1 Viola player who comes through in the next few years play cello parts on his Viola. Nice.
  4. Hey @Alex360thanks for this! I might be next in line to pick this up and push the boundary a little. I haven't tried the Cello 880Hz tuning in game, but the 440Hz Cello didn't seem to work for me. The D string wouldn't register in the tuner. Using OP's Elanor Rigby, the tuner worked fine. I noticed that neither Cello selection in the toolkit matches OP's tuning settings. This is OP's for reference. Is there something more I should learn about the tuning XML format? OP's Elanor Rigby Cello <ToneA i:nil="true" /> <ToneB i:nil="true" /> <ToneBase>Violin</ToneBase> <ToneC i:nil="true" /> <ToneD i:nil="true" /> <ToneMultiplayer></ToneMultiplayer> <Tuning>Cello @880</Tuning> <TuningPitch>882.04</TuningPitch> <TuningStrings xmlns:d4p1="http://schemas.datacontract.org/2004/07/RocksmithToolkitLib.XML"> <d4p1:String0>-4</d4p1:String0> <d4p1:String1>-2</d4p1:String1> <d4p1:String2>0</d4p1:String2> <d4p1:String3>2</d4p1:String3> <d4p1:String4>0</d4p1:String4> <d4p1:String5>0</d4p1:String5> </TuningStrings> Toolkit's Cello 440 (did not work for me) <Tuning>Cello @440</Tuning> <TuningPitch>440</TuningPitch> <TuningStrings xmlns:d4p1="http://schemas.datacontract.org/2004/07/RocksmithToolkitLib.XML"> <d4p1:String0>8</d4p1:String0> <d4p1:String1>10</d4p1:String1> <d4p1:String2>0</d4p1:String2> <d4p1:String3>2</d4p1:String3> <d4p1:String4>0</d4p1:String4> <d4p1:String5>0</d4p1:String5> </TuningStrings> Toolkit's Cello 880. Is it important that the tuning pitch is set? <Tuning>Cello @880</Tuning> <TuningPitch>440</TuningPitch> <TuningStrings xmlns:d4p1="http://schemas.datacontract.org/2004/07/RocksmithToolkitLib.XML"> <d4p1:String0>-4</d4p1:String0> <d4p1:String1>-2</d4p1:String1> <d4p1:String2>0</d4p1:String2> <d4p1:String3>2</d4p1:String3> <d4p1:String4>0</d4p1:String4> <d4p1:String5>0</d4p1:String5> </TuningStrings> I see that tuning pitch isn't included in the list of attributes. Is this a feature we'd need to add? Is that value necessary? https://github.com/rscustom/rocksmith-custom-song-toolkit/blob/5a8cb74e44b15628f730ce7596d6887be526b1f8/RocksmithToolkitLib/RocksmithToolkitLib.TuningDefinition.xml#L166 I also noticed that OP had tonebase Violin, which might be a good default for Violin, Viola, and Cello. Is this one built into the game or included in the psarc? If it only requires naming the tone "Violin", maybe we could default to that tone if one of the orchestral string tunings is selected. But that's a future feature request once I get more familiar and established here.
  5. The fix for me trying to run the wwise 2013 recommended on 64 bit Windows 10 was that I was missing the vc2008redist_x86.exe that came with the wwise installation. I already had vc2010redist_x86.exe installed, so it didn't give me an install option, just repair/remove, so I canceled out of that one. Then I launched bin/Wwise.exe to make sure it runs (it did not before) and accepted the terms and conditions. Then the toolkit worked fine for me.
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