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DD in CDLC and Best Songs for CDLC


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Hello together, 


i am now hanging around for a few months here in the forums and reading some topics. So i managed to get my RS PC-Version to play CDLC Version. I downloaded the CDLC using the CDLC Downloadpage. Now the questions:


- I used the filters to get only DD Versions of the songs. But quite a lot songs dont have DD. Are they flaged false or are there 2 Versions i could Download? For example i downloaded Master of Puppets from the user Nacholede but in the game there is no DD. Is it wrong in the catalogue or can i activate the DD Version somewhere?


On the other hand i would like to know the best CDLC you have downloaded here. Could you tell me your top 3 Songs you picked from the CDLC? I would really appreciate it. 


Thank you very much to everybody here in this forum. 

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@@firekorn thank you for your answer. So i downloaded and installed CFSM. I scanned my folder for DLC and found all the songs. I tried to repair my Metallica Song with the tool but it only says:

[2020.04.25 13:21:23]: Applying selected repair options ...
[2020.04.25 13:21:23]: No CDLC were repaired ...
[2020.04.25 13:21:24]: CPU usage for core (1): 32% ...
[2020.04.25 13:21:37]:  - Applied Default AppId
[2020.04.25 13:21:37]:  - Preserved Song Stats
[2020.04.25 13:21:37]:  - Repackaging Remastered CDLC
[2020.04.25 13:21:48]:  - Repair was successful ...
[2020.04.25 13:21:50]:  - Parsing took 1460 (msec): C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rocksmith2014\dlc\MyCDLC\Metallica_Master-Of-Puppets_v1_DD_p.psarc
[2020.04.25 13:21:50]: CDLC repairs completed ...
[2020.04.25 13:21:55]: Finished repairing took: 00:00:35.4423000
[2020.04.25 13:21:56]: Saved File: dgvSongsMaster.xml
[2020.04.25 13:21:56]: Raw songs count: 331
[2020.04.25 13:21:57]: Finished parsing took: 00:00:00.1053725
[2020.04.25 13:21:58]: Saved File: songsInfo.xml
[2020.04.25 13:21:58]: Populating SongManager GUI ...
[2020.04.25 13:21:58]: Loaded File: appSettings.xml
[2020.04.25 13:21:58]: Loaded File: dgvSongsMaster.xml
[2020.04.25 13:21:58]: Loaded File: songsInfo.xml
[2020.04.25 13:21:58]: Performing quick rescan of song collection ...
[2020.04.25 13:21:58]: Raw songs count: 331
[2020.04.25 13:22:00]: Finished parsing took: 00:00:00.1907644
[2020.04.25 13:22:00]: Saved File: songsInfo.xml

I selected to repair DD but it did not repair the DD in this song. Is there any other option i can do? 

What about your Top3 Songs. Would you tell me them? :)

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