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  1. Hope someone can / will make Traverser by EMD. Think could be a easy one also for beginners (like me :) ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHnU8u3nqJc
  2. Hello, i am searching now for 2 hours to get the "Rock Hits 80s 03" on Steam or anywhere else on this planet. I have RS from Steam and wanted to play "White Wedding" by Billy Idol. This Song is not in CDLC Because it was included in the 80s Rock Pack. Also the Song itself is not available. So where can i get this song? Here is the link where CDLC gets me to: https://theriffrepeater.com/rocksmith-dlc-430-rock-hits-80s-03/ Thanks for your help
  3. Thanks for your tipps. I managed to get them Songs working. And i downloaded the songs from Bwardenpenguin and form you. These are very good tracks. Thank you.
  4. @@firekorn thank you for your answer. So i downloaded and installed CFSM. I scanned my folder for DLC and found all the songs. I tried to repair my Metallica Song with the tool but it only says: [2020.04.25 13:21:23]: Applying selected repair options ... [2020.04.25 13:21:23]: No CDLC were repaired ... [2020.04.25 13:21:24]: CPU usage for core (1): 32% ... [2020.04.25 13:21:37]: - Applied Default AppId [2020.04.25 13:21:37]: - Preserved Song Stats [2020.04.25 13:21:37]: - Repackaging Remastered CDLC [2020.04.25 13:21:48]: - Repair was successful ... [2020.04.25 13:21:50]: - Parsing took
  5. Hello together, i am now hanging around for a few months here in the forums and reading some topics. So i managed to get my RS PC-Version to play CDLC Version. I downloaded the CDLC using the CDLC Downloadpage. Now the questions: - I used the filters to get only DD Versions of the songs. But quite a lot songs dont have DD. Are they flaged false or are there 2 Versions i could Download? For example i downloaded Master of Puppets from the user Nacholede but in the game there is no DD. Is it wrong in the catalogue or can i activate the DD Version somewhere? On the other hand i would like t
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