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Import and sync issues from GPA 4


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The following files are generated from GPA and exported into EOF. There is a warning that says that there is a beat before the start of the audio and these beats will be omitted fromt the import. What does that mean? At the beginning of my CDLCs, I generate some silene in order to do the clicks before the first note. What happens is that the song is synced correctly, but everything starts at the second beat of a measure. So it's all off by 1/4 note, which looks weird in game play. Does anyone know how I can correct this?







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That means the first sync point occurs after the first beat, and based on the timing it would put one or more beats before 0 seconds.  The best way to avoid that would be to sync the first beat marker at or after 0 seconds.


If you sync the tab to audio, and then edit the audio afterward by inserting silence to the beginning, it will no longer be in sync with the tab.  You can click and drag the first beat marker in EOF (or manually adjust the delay value in Song>Properties, which is measured in milliseconds) to sync it up again.  If you insert silence before you sync the GPA file, this shouldn't be an issue you need to correct for after importing it into EOF.

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